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Wed Jun 26 03:07:00 MDT 1996

>The sadism of Adolfo's posts is evident. He enjoys joking
>about the gulag, enjoys squashing people, [squish squish], and
>rubbishing them as human beings. He enjoyed torturing the l'st
>with the fate of Aczueta and enjoys playing with the case
>of Calero.
>The psychological sadism is clear.
>What of the machismo?
>It is rare for people to be openly macho these days, but
>Adolfo's style is one of using power and strength to overbear
>and dismiss. A recent post however made it clear that those
>for whom he has contempt are eunuchs.
>>>What a sick joke these Nerd-Trots are.
>Windbags and eunuchs to the last "monk-roach" among them!.
>Eunuch's and monks are contemptible because they are men and do not
>fertilise, in other words not really men at all.
>Women do not have much status either. In his eyes
>Marcelina had no identity at all apart from Luis.
>Chris Burford

Yes:  Burford is the typically castrated individual produced by the
bourgeois new left.  Everything to do with Marxism, and Marx, and Lenin
always spoke of revisionist EMASCULATING Marxism, depriving it of its
QUINTESSENCE, is for this slimy servant of the bourgeoisie "machismo".  And
what then of his BOURGEOIS feminism?

Is not that same kind of bourgeois feminism that relegates women to the role
of adornments in the home?  Women as no fighters and tea makers?  Moreover,
this very bourgeois feminism, applied to the whole of the women, is not the
basis for the reactionaries objection and demonising of the women fighters
in the People's Libertaion Army?  I will recommend people to read what the
American Marxist feminist revolutionary Carol Andreas has to say about this
reactionary line.

What the poor desperate and disgusting windbag and eunuch Burford wants to
say is precisely the same as the bourgeois feminist always said about Marx

It is not a question of gender, but of class.  What these servants of the
psychological warfare services of imperialism - that is what I now with all
seriousness posit about Burford (whether paid or unpaid is irrelevant since
the objective is clear: to serve counter-revolution) - have been trying to
do is to disarm the working class under the stupid argument that "guns are
fallic"!  Come on, pull the other!  Combating the enemy is sadism and masochism.

I can think only of two reasons why the mental diaorreah of this individual
continues:  Either he is doing this as a well paid job on behalf of a state
service, or he is really a masochist in the full sense of the word.  I can
continue lashing him until kingdom come.  He is wrong in thinking I find any
enjoyment in this.  It is a filthy duty to squish roaches and to flog Burfords.

But no one can, with a mite of fairness allege, that they are not the ones
coming back for more like some sort of gaga Oliver Twists for punishment.

I think Burford the shrink should better look in the mirror.  He who does
not hesitate to toy with the life of millions by preaching submission and
disarmament in the face of the murderous bourgeoisie - he represents -
should not erect himself into hypocritical scandal alleging that just to ask
questions about Calero Salazar is to endanger him.  On the contrary, Marxism
teaches not to conciliate with any falsehood, and we are not going to start
now, and even less for one individual.  It is rotten individualism to think
in this manner.

Moreover, windbag Burford should concern himself with his OWN actions.  And
there is always the saffron robe and the can of petrol. At least the Buddist
monks - unlike the eunuchs of the bogus left - put their words into action!
They were not eunuchs of the mind like Burford!

Adolfo Olaechea

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