On recent howlings by Quashpie/Chris cops & Malignki

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Wed Jun 26 04:03:28 MDT 1996

On recent howlings by Quashpie/Chris cops & Malignki [Sent: 26.06.96]

In connection with the threat of extradition against the Peruvian
Julian Salazar Calero in New York City, a threat which of course
must be opposed, there have been some new outpourings on
this list by the completely exposed US imperialist agent "Quispe/
Ccorimanya", NYC, by "Chris, London" and by Malignki, Sweden.

I don't yet know the details of the case of this extradition threat
or of the various statements on it by differents writers on this list.
I'll look into this. It may be taken for granted, though, that those
persons I mentioned above are up to no good in this case, too.
This because of what is already known about them in other

As for one of them, Chris, I've earlier promised to tell people
on the list why I've come to the conclusion that he's a cop. I'll
do that in the near future.

In the same connection, Quashpie, among other things, tried
to "run away from" Malmoe, Sweden, the place where I'm
writing this and the place from where emerged one fact
which more or less clinched the matter of his true character.
He wrote that he "didn't even know" one Mr. T.P., who lives
here and whose revealing pamphlet on 1 May I reported on.
Now comrade Tony of the Detcom has already replied on that
point, repeating what were and are the facts. I don't need to
say anything more about that.

The cops and Malignki, and Gina too, above all are directing
their attacks in this context against comrade Adolfo. That figures.
They don't at all like the important call for WMC, one of whose
initiators he is and which means an escape attempt, at least,
on the part of many comrades, from the decade-long clutches
of that Operation Subversion, the "RIM", under the leadership
of Avakian and other people.

It should be stressed again that the "conflict Quashpie-Adolfo"
-  which some of the cops and their "volounteer" helpers are
talikng about - by no means is some sort of "personal conflict"
or anything like that. The struggle against the Quashpie-
Avakian black gang is a struggle against the subversion by
the CIA (etc) against the international proletarian revolutionary
movement. There are some others of us who're interested in
that too.

I say: Down with the cops and their "volounteer" helpers!

Just for the record: I don't actually concur in the suggestion to
Malignki and/or to Chris that they go pour some petrol over
themselves and light a match. They still have some use alive,
as teachers by negative example on this list, in my opinion.

Rolf M.

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