Trotskyism dead?

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Wed Jun 26 05:51:26 MDT 1996

Kevin C wrote:

>What do you think Leon Trotsky would make of this Trotskyism?

He would dive  back in and get working to clarify political and
organizational problems, to turn the movement to the problems of the
working class and develop a revolutionary Marxist leadership for the
proletariat. Same as he did before the Stalinists assassinated him.

>Does Hugh Rodwell identify himself as Trotskyist?

You mean you hadn't noticed?

>Is Trotskyism as a distinct current of Marxism dead now that the great
>>degenerate workers state has degenerated into a capitalist state?

The development of Stalinism away from Marxism (with the theories of
Socialism in One Country, the Two-Stage Revolution, the resulting practice
of class collaboration and the suppression of democratic centralism in the
life of the party) led to huge defeats for the working class under
Stalinist leadership. With the victory of fascism in Germany, Trotskyism
(that is, the Bolshevik-Leninist current in the revolutionary movement)
began to organize itself for the new, Fourth International that had now
proved necessary. The tasks of the Fourth International are the tasks of
every serious Marxist revolutionary. They are in no way dependent on the
existence or non-existence of degenerated or even undegenerated workers'
states, except in so far as this alters the international balance of forces
between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. While the collapse of the
Stalinist regimes in the workers' states sharpened the death agony of
Stalinism as a leading force in the world proletariat, it has not yet led
to the disappearance of the Stalinist heritage of Socialism in One Country,
the Two-Stage Revolution, class collaboration or bureaucratic
organizational methods. It has opened up huge possibilities for
Bolshevik-Leninist alternatives.

>Justin Schwartz had a nice post on
>this in the archive, I'll have to dig it up and call him to convince him
>to come back to this great list.

Justin is welcome. He's good at focusing bourgeois-democratic concerns.



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