Martens comes to Aldolfo,s rescue?

Robert Malecki malecki at
Wed Jun 26 05:55:59 MDT 1996

Martens is back! Have you brought some nuclear power to set under Aldolfo,s
ass? He really needs help because he,s is on the run and becoming more
politically unstable with outbursts of macho mouth foaming. Or is it you are
just going to join Aldolfo in screaming cops cops everywhere..

I find it interesting that Martens jumps in here. Just recently Aldolfo was
in a deguised way accusing him of being a Hocha scumbag at best..

However to the politics.

The question here Rolf is Aldolfos sectarian stance on defense work and his
fingering of people awaitng deportation..

The other question is his idea of a "National Democratic" revolution after
siezing power. In other words makinmg a deal with the Peruvian bougeoisie..

Got anything to come with here Martens? Or is it just more cop cop cop and
atomic power...

aka martens cop and agent of imperialism

PS; When are you going to stop the Jew baiting Martens?

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