The final self-exposure of the charlatan Oleachea.

Matt D. afn02065 at
Wed Jun 26 09:42:23 MDT 1996

Gina wrote:

>WHO is attempting to "implicate" and "finger" Julian Calero, implying
>that he's something he is not?  It is precisely Adolfo and his followers
>who are insisting, over and over, that Julian is the person referred to
>in the New Flag post of May 10 -- in spite of the fact that NF maintains
>categorically that the reference was to another person entirely.
>AO is so desperate to retaliate against NF for thier refusal to bow
>down and worship at his WMC altar, that he is willing to sacrifice a
>wholly innocent man to whatever fate may await him, rather than
>joining wholeheartedly in the effort to free Julian and deny the Yankee
>imperialists the opportunity to set a precedent of honoring the
>genocidal dictator's extradition order.  What kind of "sense" does
>that make?

Well, here is the final refutation of any claim that Adolpho is other
than an vile slanderer, a trafficker in the People's War, aiming
solely to advance his own reputation at the expense of anyone
and anything that gets in his way, including non-combatants,
including the People's War itself.

It has come to where he is now an eager cheerleader for the
deportation and *murder* of a Peruvian worker.

This should clear up any lingering doubts as to the "political"
character of the WMC -- an apparently imaginary organization
the main purpose of the proposal of which is revealed to be
nothing other than to divide and confuse the Peruvian support
movement by any means and at any cost.  If any shred of
LAB's reputation is to be saved, he should disassociate him-
self from this scumbag and his so-called "Mobilization" forth-

Moral of the story:  Even the most silver-tongued of devils
eventually shows his horns.

Thank you Gina, for your help in clarifying this whole sorry

-- Matt D.

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