Adolfo's sado-machismo

TONY FROSINOS molotov1 at
Wed Jun 26 10:38:03 MDT 1996

You wrote:

>Women do not have much status either. In his eyes
>Marcelina had no identity at all apart from Luis.
>Chris Burford

  Are you serious? Do you really beleive there is a marcelina? What
about when marcelina slipped up and refered to herself as a man.
Besides we know these people and there is no marcelina, there is only a
w.p. his brother and a two n.american followers.
  Chris this pathetic attempt of yours to slander Adolpho, by
portraying him weak on the women question is dispicable. Everyone on
this list with half a brain knows there is no marcelina. To try to USE
the women question  as an instrument to strike others who have
political differences with you is unexcuseable you sorry fuck.


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