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At 09:35 26-06-96 GMT,  Adam Rose wrote:
>I'm not an expert. I knew about the trade war, and that De Valera was
>in power for a long period through the 20's 30's + 40's - did it go
on to the
>50's ? 60's ?

My small 2 volume encyclopedia says (translated from Danish):

De Valera, Eamon (1882-1979); Irish politician.
After paticipation in the Easter Uprising 1916 he devoted himself
entirely to the struggle for Irish independence. 1919-22 president of
the Irish Republic; was against the settlement with Britain 1921 which
led to the formation of the Irish Free State. He demanded full
independence and the inclusion of Ulster in the Free State. As the
leader of Fianna Fail Party he was 1932-37 the president of the
Executive Council of the Free State. Prime Minister of Eire 1937-48,
1951-54 and 1957-59. President of Eire 1959-73.

I don't know if this is of any use?


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