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 >> Because if you do my friend you are no better then the people watching the
football games while the bosses are thinking up new ways to screw them.. <<R.


  You need to get a sense of perspective. Your slanging match with Adolfo is
not going to free one political prisoner. If he wants to go his own way so be
it. You are not going to convince him of anything, and anyone who agrees with
you on this list needs no further encouragement.

  Last night it seemed like one third to one half the messages on the list
were from the two of you. Your positions are clear. If you are really
concerned about political prisoners take some time from the keyboard and
organize something.

  The value of this list is in the information about ongoing developments
around the world. It is *not* in endless debate between two fixed positions.

   For the record I am in favor of broad-based organizing around the
democratic rights of persecuted exiles faced with deportation. I don't have
the knowledge to decide the merits of the dispute between Adolpho and Quispe
right now and frankly you don't either. On some things only face to face
discussions and meetings will do.

   Cyberspace allows one to assert just about anything, not to PROVE anything.
That requires hands-on practice over time.

 Best, Jon Flanders

  E-mail from: Jonathan E. Flanders, 26-Jun-1996

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