On recent howlings by Quashpie/Chris cops & Malignki

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Wed Jun 26 18:53:49 MDT 1996

Hello Addie,

>I was only being rather lenient and giving them a way out!.  You are really
>nasty and want to condemn them to Marxist hell.  Bad as they are, they are
>only minor figures, dross of the bourgeoisie.  We can not overcrowd Marxist
>Hell all that much, otherwise people may get confussed.

What, who me? Haven't I always been quite nice to the "opposition"?

I dont't recall ever sayimg that what you're saying. If you're not
careful, I'll even try to put you in that there hell, just watch out!
*I*'m not the one who's still endorsing Avakian's CIA "RIM Declaration"
of 1984 - are you perhaps forgetting that small problem, or what??

A Khruschev, a
>Kautsky, a Liu, a Deng, those are figures of some importance and there
>will>be others too.  But lets not overcrowd that place!  It is a sort
>of perverse honour these clowns do not quite yet deserve.

I quite agree on the "not overcrowding". But look, how is it with that
Gang of Four etc?? The Avakian "Madame Mao" Gang, on whom you, Addie,
are SOFT, how about that one? I believe we still have some problems
left! Not that this is decisive - I hope. But the PCP comrades
*must* be made to see the light. This, I think, means you too!

>In any case, I'll go along with that for this list only and for the
>time being. After all, it is not in the nature of these craven
>creatures to have >even the guts of doing something useful with
>themselves.  It is to us that the duty - unrewarding and filthy
>duty - falls of extracting positive lessons from their counter-
revolutionary utterances.  What the hell!


Yes, yes, but - sorry: There are some important matters where
you still don't see the light, and which are making the coppers
think - I think - that they can "deluge" you - and where you'll
have to get your thinking straigt, Addie!

I'm telling you! It's serious! On the concrete problems, more
another time.

I agree with your general estimation that the cops are in
"big shit", of course. And I hope you too hope that, at the
present quite good conjuncture, I don't worry too much. But how
is it with those difficult (?!) questions from Australia,
for instance?  I intend to try to answer them,at least. How
about you? It's good you're taking the "no big problem"
attitude. But NOT sufficient for the problems that there
are! I'll return to those.

Bye 4 now,

Rolf M.

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