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We have received the following article from the Italian Magazine Cono Sur:

by Giulano Naria

To speak of the Communist Party of Peru, PCP, has become necessary due to
two or three good reasons (which are part of why one decides, when shaving
in the miroor each morning not to spit on one's reflection).

Immediately after his electoral triumphalism in April 95, the butcher
Fujimori had confessed to the newspaper La Stampa:  "Guzman is very ill, he
will die within three years but first he will give the interview o the
century.  Shining Path has been reduced to a band of around 80".

Strange declarations coming from a president who is also the nation's great
jailer.  Specailly when, since that day, more than 800 Shining Path
supporters have been reported killed or arrested - according to army
versions (beginning of 1996 T.N.) - and put out of action.

Naturally, many of these 800 hundred are peasants or dwellers of popular
neighbourhoods and shantytowns, not guerillas.  Then, Shining Path was not
aniquilated in 1995, as the Peruvian dictator claimed.

What 80?  In the Huallaga valley PCP has beaten back the armed forces and
retaken the offensive.  And probable the same is happening in other regions
but reports are nearly impossible to obtain due to the informative blockade
imposed by imperialism.  Those who say something - as "Liberazione" has done
recently, either must hide the truth or express itself in negative terms
seeking to re-inforce and confirm the information blockade.

There is a third possibility.  Every person who loves the people's
liberation and his or her own, must, if he has not yet done so, admit to
himself or herself certain facts, and therefore aim at learning the truth.

The liberation struggle in Peru has lasted more than 15 years already.
There is 30,000 dead and 10,000 dissapeared.  Numberless tortured and turned
into invalids.  Thousands of internal and external refugees.  More than
30,000 million dollars worth of damages in losses exceeding the country's
foreign debt.

No one can ignore that this is a civil war led by a Communist Party that
enjoys the support of the popular classes and is armed with an immediate
political programme based on "land for the tiller", right to health,
housing, work, education, just salaries, bread, justice, democracy and freedom.

Any one can have differences with the PCP's Maoist ideology and prefer
another, but no one can ignore what has been achieved, what has been done.
No one can deny that PCP has a mase base, principally composed of workers,
peasants, unemployed and students (many women too).  This mass base was
reflected in the elctoral process itself, when more than 50% of those
eligible to vote preferred to abstain or spoil their ballots.  This is also
to be seen in the liberated areas and those where land has been seized and
distributed due to the strong presence of the guerillas. More than 1.000.000
hectares (a third of all arable land) and where more than 250.000 people are
in arms, even there when a bare knife may be used what they call the
People's Republic of Peru.

However, that is not all. When in 1993, the Peruvian fascist government
helped by the CIA and the secret services of other countries - including our
country, Italy - initiated a campaign to slander Abimael Guzman alleging he
had become a turncoat, none of the daily communist press in Italy spoke to
defend a combatant subjected to a despicable physical and psychological
torture.  Today, it is evident tha Guzman has not capitulated, and then why
should we not say so?

Why should we not defend him, since defending him we are really defending
ourselves too?

Guzman, the crystal ball gazer Fujimori tells us, will die within 3 years
and with him would die one of the few militants of the workers and
revolutionary movement of world stature in the last twenty years.

The same silence around Guzman , and the periodical campaigns on the part of
a certain "left" to denigrate him, are shameful but at the same time revealing.

Revealing of this eclypse of reason which has hit a large section of what we
used to know as a class conscious opposition.  Shameful because there are
people tending to obliterate a whole country for the crime of having taken a
vanguard position - which Liberazione alleges (2-12-95: "has stained itself
with the most horrendous and senseless crimes".  But that is not true!  The
number of Peruvians that have died in the war in 15 years is 30,000 - about
the same that have died in road accidents * - and, what is more, the army
has killed at least two thirds.  Those who "Shining Path" has been made
resposible for, have died in combat or during armed actions.

"Liberazione" does not acknowledge this, and thus demonstrates fully its
ignorance and partiality towards the true criminals, those responsible for
innumerable massacres:  The armed forces of the successive regimes from 1980
to date.

Then, why should PCP be refused solidarity? I put forward my thesis to
explain why some are doing precisely this:

Solidarity with PCP is dangerous because PCP has never renounced certain
principles of the communist tradition: Armed revolution until victory,
seizure of power, abolition of private property, proletarian
internationalism.  This is why the attitude towards PCP marks a dividing
line between the partisans of the people's liberation and those in the camp
of the bogus and treachearous communists.

(*) In Peru 70,000 children die every year before the age of one due to
diseases that could be easily prevented in a situation without hunger and


Translated and Published in Internet by
Comite Sol Peru London
Press Commssion

PS:  The Poor dejected Jesuit and Mother Goose castrati "Cassandra" of the
WMC, the "used Troyan" and "beaten Briton" Michael Howard-Burford-Tebbit
says : Olaechea is ALL THERE IS in the WMC, and all he does is preach it to
our little list of has beens in Internet.

First: the thief think that everyone in the list is as useless and
reactionary as he is,.  And that is not the case!  Moreover, this is a case
of been the WMC been present EVEN in Internet!

Second: Just like this communist intellectual writing in Cono Sur in Italy,
thousands of the most advanced communists - not the Avakian/Malecki/Quispe
lumpen - are standing up RIGHT NOW in many forums evrywhere and RALLYING THE
SINCERE COMMUNISTS OF THE WORLD to the cause of the People's War in Peru

Unlike the lumpen Avakian "red rabble" clones, these communists are people
with real roots and influence within the International Communist Movement.
The influence of the PCP grows enourmously and begins to permeate the whole
movement, helping to dispel revisionism and re-affirm communism, even inside
important sections of the great communist movement of Italy.

Similar development are taking place in many countries of the world.
Burford thinks that everything depends on one or two parties in RIM.  That
is not the case, there are only some important parties in RIM.  The PCP is
one of them and, PCP, and all the really important parties in RIM are
already WORKING FOR THE WMC! Moreover, the WMC is aiming at ALL parties and
movements, and that already includes the USA too, ending Avakian and his
various puppets monopoly. It ALSO includes INTERNET (why not?  Why should it
not reach Internet too?).

This is what drives into despair the fellows like Burford SJ, malecki,
Quispe and company who thought they could build themselves a little monopoly
to traffick with the Peruvian revolution using this media, when in fact they
are all working for the very opposite principles as those expressed by the
Italian communist leader Naria:  Capitulation! Abandonment of Marxist
principles!  Unity with the dire enemies of Maoism!.

Long Live the World Mobilisation Commission
Long Live the Unity of the Communists of the World based on the Basic
Principles of our Glorious Movement:  Armed Struggle, seizure of power,
abolition of private property and proletarian internationalism.  Maoism in
deeds, not just in words!

Adolfo Olaechea

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