Split already in WMC?

Chris, London 100423.2040 at compuserve.com
Thu Jun 27 00:52:46 MDT 1996

To the extent that the World Mobilisation Commission exists
only on this l'st,

it appears a split is already looming. See below.

It is unlikely that Rolf will take Adolfo's
comments about his ridiculousness very well.

These super Maoists seem unable to handle the internet.



>Hello Addie,


>Bye 4 now,
>Rolf M.

You better not! Those are problems that the movement must debate internally,
not problems that relate to the WMC which is to defend the revolution in
Peru.  You should stop trying to push that debate of me, because you will
get nowhere and if that is the only reason you signed up for the WMC, maybe
you are quite mistaken!  Here the question is to give solidarity to the
People's War not to refight things which took place long ago and in which
there is a case for the prosecution as well as one for the defence.

You are wrong in thinking you have all the answers, Rolf.  I just give you a
question you have no answer for:  Why was the communique of the "only
correct Maoists" never published by Hua Kuo-feng?   You said:
"inexplicably".  When you can explain yourself that, can back to me.
Otherwise I consider it ociose and ridiculous to even approach the subject!.


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