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Thu Jun 27 01:34:06 MDT 1996

Aldolfo writes;
>In any case:
>We demand a broadly based campaign in defence of all the persecuted by
>fascism and imperialism, of the prisoners of war in Peru, of the Peruvians
>in Sweden, Europe, the US and anywhere else in the world, principally of
>Chairman Gonzalo, the great Maoist leader of the Peruvian people.  We demand
>that this campaign should be linked to opposition to the fascist measures
>which US imperialism, and other imperialist poweres are introducing under
>the guise of combating "terrorism".
>We demand that this campaign should appeal to the working class and
>democratic masses pointing out the common interests of the people of the
>advanced countries with those of the oppressed peoples fighting for
>liberation, such as the Peruvian people as well as all struggles directed
>against US imperialist and great power bullying and interference in all

Whoops! A 180 degree turn by Aldolfo!  Losing the battle on the Red Front,
Aldolfo shifts to the position of his own opposition. Good to know that
Aldolfo is not prepared to commit politica suicide..

>In synthesis, we demand a real anti-imperialist campaign, and not a mere
>human rights hubbab aimed solely and eclusively at saving one single
>individual while capitulating every principle to those who are trying to
>stab the revolution in the back.  The revolution is what matters most,
>because without the revolution there is no salvation for anyone.  We demand
>a WORLD MOBILISATION AGAINST FASCISM and in defence of the revolutionary
>principles, the integrity of the masses, the democratic rights of all
>peoples, and for the victory of the revolutionary cause, socialism and
>communism!  Without this aims, no individual is safe, in America, Europe, or
>Peru!.  That is what we are working for, and the WORLD MOBILISATION
>COMMISSION is just a step in that direction.  A necessary step because it
>will place the proletarian led revolution in Peru as the highest benchmark,
>proclaim Marxism in all its development and offer perspectives of VICTORY
>for democratic revolutions, socialist construction and communism.

But the above is just another ego trip by Aldolfo pushing the WMC. However
if he is really prepared to work in a united front it is a step in the right


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