Split already in WMC?

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Thu Jun 27 01:51:55 MDT 1996

>To the extent that the World Mobilisation Commission exists
>only on this l'st,
>it appears a split is already looming. See below.
>It is unlikely that Rolf will take Adolfo's
>comments about his ridiculousness very well.
>These super Maoists seem unable to handle the internet.
>CB (SJ)

The WMC is a rotten block. Actually a rotten propaganda block. It is the
typical demise of professional solidarity who can,t agree on anything, but
all will bathe in the sunlight of events in Peru.

But it is harmful to real solidarity with Peru or anything else for that

But it is quite interesting that Aldolfo has done a forced 180 degree
retreat. He was defeated politically and just does not want to admit that
the course he was on was political suicide..


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