Attitudes! And if this this not a condescending saviour attitude, I'll eat my hat!

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Thu Jun 27 06:23:07 MDT 1996

Robert malecki bares his soul.  We should all be grateful he has not told
the left to F.O. and just git on with leading his wealthy life.!

Now we know.  Prostrate yourselves before Malecki, the saviour from on high!

>I was talking about your attitude.  You resorted to ad hominem.
>That's the difference.
>Hi Tom,
>As if intellectuals don,t have attitudes. As long as i have been
>around the  left and that is a pretty long time my friend. Both in and
>outside of the Post war left, especially the far left, there have been
>attitudes. THe main one has been treating working class people as
>something you pat on the head.  Much like in a zoo..
>If i were to put for example trade unionism before the working class
>and proletarian revolution and the importance of forgoing a party in
>order to get there. I could accept the accusation of "workerism",
>However your attacks on me are because of my style. You are already
>putting the rib up on bougeois behavior on the Internet. How one
>should speak, how one should argue, how one should know his place in
>the order of things.
>Are there any rules for how one should wipe is ass?
>This is the underlying current of this discussion both here but also
>on the lists where the left is present. You are talking *at* working
>class people and not with them. You have spent your whole lifes in and
>academic dreamworld and want to set the same rules here as in the life
>the far left has been leading since the 60ties..
>I can honestly say that it is easier to talk with the most right wing
>patriot Vietnam vets with a working class background then it is with
>the left envionment on the net. It is not the working class here but
>people long and far from the class..A bunch of characters who pay
>lipservice to solidarity and socialism or communism..Even the labor
>party people are organising from the top down with the bureaucrats in
>the lead of taking the power before it gets off the ground.. None of
>you are really interested in more then making sure that your position
>in this envionment of ideas is not threatened especially from poor or
>working class people who might have something to say..
>No wonder workers don,t want to have anything to do with the left. I
>have seen it all my life. Its sort of like where i,m a fish-you are a
>flounder-and the reverse goes to. The far left has no roots in the
>class..So why should we bother. Some racist bonaparte will come along
>who understands this stuff better and turn a lot of these people into
>Brownshirts. Then it will be to late for the left to wake up and
>realise they missed the boat..
>Its not malecki that has to change! In fact it is the left that has to
>come down off its high horse and start relating to workers and the
>urban poor so that they understand it. A good example is my book.
>Working class kids and especially poor people understand where i,m
>coming from immediately. Even if they do not agree.. The left sees my
>book and have done nothing.. In fact i have been attacked time and
>again for actually having the balls to write something like that. How
>dare you stick up your head malecki. I have been accused by the left
>of trying to make money. Feeling sorry for myself. Being a lumpen who
>deserves to be in Sweden, being a cockroach who should be stamped out,
>being a vietnam vet who raped women and slaughtered people, not being
>able to spell after 25 years in exile. This is the "left" mind you..
>Not one ! Hear me! Not one statement of solidarity. The left is
>impodent. In fact there are two organisations calling themselves
>communist or socialist that actually published my appeal The Swedish
>Mandelites and the Spartacists in the United States. Perhaps some
>anachists newspapers also..The left has showed itself completely
>bankrupt. I understand why the Vietnam vets are so angry. They were
>spit on by the left and the ant-war movement. I was spit on by the
>left also back then for being and ignorant worker in a tank plant when
>all the action was on the universities. Today you spit on me by
>ignoring that i exist or some crazy in exile who doesn,t realise that
>the Vietnam war is over. Today you spit on the Vietnam vets for being
>crazy at best..
>So don,t tell me about how workerist i am. I am enraged and insulted.
>Can you possibly understand this.I could have elected to say fuck the
>left. I could have stayed here in quiet peace and live a very
>comfortable if not rich life thr rest of my time here. I said to
>myself that i owe the kids that i use to stand in the tankplant with
>in Cleveland. I owe the kids that i grew up in the ghetto with. And i
>owe my own kids a version on how things were from our perspective. To
>try and find and fight for a solution out of a class perspective..That
>is why the book and no other reason.
>I know that in the United States we are closer to a race war then any
>kind of class war. I know that facism is once again showing its ulgy
>face here in Europe. I know that we are heading for a new period of
>imperialist war and revolutions. And the only thing you can say is
>Malecki your are workerist, shut up..
>Finally the only thing i can say it is not my attitude that is the
>problem. The real problem is that the left is living in a dreamworld
>of "ideological" struggle which has turned into a permanent
>lifestyle..You are protecting your little corner of cyberspace and the
>real world with huge posters.
>So Tom and all the rest of you fuck off...I will continue to
>contribute the best way i know how. That is all i can do..
>Warm Regards
>Malecki in exile
>PS This is going in the next issue of Cockroach...
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