On recent howlings by Quashpie/Chris cops & Malignki

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Thu Jun 27 07:38:55 MDT 1996

Martens writes;
>I see that Chris Cop and Malignki are already howling "split
>in WMC, split in WMC!". Well they would, wouldn't they? IMO,
>some cop/Trot yelling sholdn't prevent people from seriously
>discussing important issues. Everybody has known that there
>are differences of opinion among those who've signed the
>WMC call; what should be so surprising about that? NO
>"split" exists in the WMC (preparation), *I* say, and I'd
>like to add that it's nice to see that cop/Trot *unity*
>among yourselves, too, Chris and Malignki!

Hmmm, interesting ideas the above. Not true as usual. But what can one
expect from a jew baiter!

Anyhow, I think that you are principally correct in taking on the
Avakianites and PCP support of them if its true. Because fake unity is no
unity at all. Naturally this does not apply to fighting real cops and real
deportations of people in imperialist countries being sent back to
Fujimora,s jails...

But it will be a real hat trick Rolf if you think that Aldolfo for anytime
will accept your critisising the PCP. That is his left cover and basis for
existence..So the emphasis on solidarity will be uncritical support of
anything the PCP wants people to swallow..

And i believe he has already prepared your demise in that he is going to
label you a follower of Hocha. So the stage is already set. By the way how
does Hocha,s line in Albania of "Soviets without electricity" go up with
your pro-imperialist support of nuclear power?


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