History of Trotskyism

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Thu Jun 27 08:10:45 MDT 1996

>Louis: Jim Percy stayed at my house in NY back in the early 1980s. This
>was around the time I was working with Peter Camejo, an ex-SWPer, to build
>a nonsectarian left movement. Peter and the Percys had a falling out with
>Barnes because they both were moving away from ultrasectarianism.
>Peter and I kept evolving further and further away from James P. Cannon's
>party-building model, while the Percy's never fully cut the ties. John was
>on this mailing list for a period of time but unsubscribed when the PCP
>wars were most intense. He asked me to let him know when things had cooled
>off a bit. I might invite him back. Of course, I will warn him to delete
>all of Malecki's shit unread.

Yes why don,t you invite Peter C. back. I think i might have some old
internal Bulletins around from the SWP. However you putting a equal sign
between Hanson and the Trotskyists is just a big joke.

I mean look what he did to you Louis. Destroyed a potential intelligent
person from finding his way to some real Bolshevik Leninist politics..


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