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Turkish Kurd Party Members Killed After Congress
      ANKARA, June 24 (Reuter) - Unknown assailants on Monday shot dead
members of a Kurdish activist party in Turkey who were returning by car
>from a
party congress that has enraged officials.

    A group of between eight and ten attackers firing automatic weapons
ambushed the car with the People's Democracy Party (HADEP) members on a
near Kayseri, in central Turkey, local gendarmerie forces said.

    One other passenger was wounded, they said.

    ``HADEP membership cards were found on them. They were HADEP
members,'' a
gendarmerie commander told Reuters.

    HADEP leader Murat Bozlak and about 30 aides were detained in
earlier by police following Sunday's congress during which masked
youths tore
down a large Turkish flag at the crowded congress.

    They replaced the flag with a banner of the Kurdistan Workers Party
rebel group and a poster of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan. Hundreds of
chanted pro-rebel slogans.

    ``(The shooting) is related to the congress. Certain people were
trying to
take revenge,'' HADEP Ankara provincial chairman Babur Pinar said.

    Anatolian news agency said the detained party offficials were being
questioned on charges of ``separatism'' and ``insulting the Turkish

    Caretaker Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz called for calm. ``I urge all
citizens to keep calm and cool-headed in the face of this ugly
Anatolian quoted him as saying.

    Twenty-two people were injured when police dispersed party members
after the
congress, HADEP officials said. Turkish television showed pictures of
beating participants protesting at the arrests.

    European Parliament Greens group leader Claudia Roth, in Turkey for
inter-parliament meeting with Turkish deputies, condemned the police.

    ``I have seldom so closely witnessed what brutality and violence
can be used
against basic human rights,'' she told journalists at HADEP

    HADEP was formed in 1994 after another Kurdish party was forced to
disband by the constitutional court for separatism and 13 of its
were thrown out of parliament.

    Six Kurdish MPs were later sentenced to up to 15 years in jail for
links to
the guerrillas. Two have since been released.

    More than 19,500 people have been killed in the rebels' 12-year-old
for autonomy or independence in the mainly Kurdish southeast.

    Anatolian said 50 protesters and 10 police officers were injured in
clashes in Ankara on Monday between police and supporters of the
Labour Party, facing a constitutional court ban for supporting Kurdish
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