Conversation overheard in Swedish security

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at
Thu Jun 27 19:52:03 MDT 1996

Louis N P,

You wrote i.a.:

>(Conversation overheard in Swedish intelligence agency between Lars
>Gunnersonvaldterberger and Sven Olafssonquisterborgegaard, two
>master security operatives.)
>Lars: Not to worry. I have the ultimate solution. I've arranged with the
>US State Department to drop all legal charges against Malecki. We
>will then put him on the next plane back to Kennedy Airport in New
>York. Let the Americans have him back.
>Sven: Excellent. Swedish capitalism will survive!

You should have put that in code. The walls have ears.
They'll pick you up on that tip.

Rolf M.

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