The strange case of Julian Calero

Louis R Godena louisgodena at
Thu Jun 27 20:07:35 MDT 1996

At some point, I suppose, we are going to hear about the rally on behalf of
Julian Calero this afternoon in New York.    I hope, for his sake, that it
went well.    If his promoters are to be believed,  Mr Calero is in for a
very hard time, indeed, and one in his position deserves the benefit of all
doubts, even if that position itself is shrouded in mystery.

Alas, the same can not be said of those who have rushed forward to assume
the mantle of advocate in this vexing situation.    They are a dubious
bunch.    Paradoxically,  they are in the business of generating
publicity--understandable enough--are they perhaps forgetting that people
want to know what they are buying?    The case of Lori Berenson is well
known.    Her parents, her friends, her highly placed connections, her
history, everything good, and not so good, is there for people to judge, to
weigh,  to consider.     I am not aware of anyone taking up the cudgels on
her behalf brandishing a pseudonym, or an alias, or something else to divert
attention from one's own background, purpose, motive, what have you.

The same cannot be said for those who have clustered around Mr Calero.
They have enveloped themselves in a murky secrecy that is in many ways a
mockery of 50s spy movies.    Robert De La Cruz is Dan Axtell.    Everyone
knows that.    It is the pseudonym he uses in his e-mail.    So what?
Why not simply say, I am Dan Axtell?   The Peruvian government is trying to
extradite Julian Calero to kill him or bury him for the rest of his life.
I support him.
Period.     Who does he think he's fooling?   I assume he is not ashamed of
affiliating himself with Mr Calero.     He has, I understand, been of much
value to Mr Calero's family.    I wish him well.

Everyone here knows my opinion of "Quispe" or whatever he is calling himself
nowadays.    I knew him as a multi-personality, a fabricator of the cheesy
New Flag,  an example of autarkic chic that will certainly bask
heuristically in some distant future where past and present will meld
indistinguishably into mere Entertainment , right  next to the hydra-headed
flag of the Symbionese Liberation Army and other symbols of anarchic,
disintegrating fetishism gone mad.    I am at least free of him.    No
matter what happens to Julian, his imprisonment is just beginning.

I bid farewell to, to Gina.    If I knew her better, I would simply say
"make something of your life, try to be happy.   Do not end your life awash
in a sea of foggy slogans, following this or that huckster down one blind
alley after another.     Learn a trade,  help a friend,  fall in love, and,
if you want to serve people, or even the People,  take time to know
yourself.    It'll serve you and others better than a thousand "Quispes" of
whatever guise, stripe or fashion". Good luck.   I mean it.

Mr Calero, should you ever free yourself from your current crop of
"benefactors", I will do whatever is in my power to assist you.    Everyone
knows where to find me.   I live in Rhode Island.   One area code, one
directory.   I'm in the book.

The rest of you.   Those of us who have fought together.    It is past time
that we laid this foolish charade to rest.    There is much to be done, with
El Diario, with mobilizing around the revolutionary struggle in Peru, with
consolidating what I think are considerable talents for a purpose larger
than squalid infighting or amateur detective work.    "By their fruits ye
shall know them."    Shall we, I wonder, be known by our work on behalf of
the revolutionary heroes of Peru, and for those who struggle all across the
planet?    Please,  think about it.

I have.

                         Louis Godena

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