On recent howlings by Quashpie/Chris cops & Malignki

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Thu Jun 27 20:11:58 MDT 1996


You wrote i.a.:

>But it will be a real hat trick Rolf if you think that Aldolfo for anytime
>will accept your critisising the PCP. That is his left cover and basis for
>existence..So the emphasis on solidarity will be uncritical support of
>anything the PCP wants people to swallow..

>And i believe he has already prepared your demise in that he is going to
>label you a follower of Hocha. So the stage is already set. By the way how
>does Hocha,s line in Albania of "Soviets without electricity" go up with
>your pro-imperialist support of nuclear power?

It was a good thing that you, in your upside-donw-ing of practically
everything, happened to mention Hodxa.

I discovered yesterday that, when in my posting no. (11) on the
4-Gang I noted which parties did *not* send messages to the CPC
with congratulations on the important victory over that gang,
I had failed to include the (then) most important of them ,the
Albanian Party of Labour, which had earlier been an important
ally of the CPC in its struggle against Soviet revisionism.
I'll put a note on that in my next 4-Gang post.

So Hodxa went with the Gang of Four. In 1978 he started attacking
Mao Zedong openly and tried to make people believe Mao's line
was the same as Deng Xiaoping's.

And Hodxa's line, in that time and later, may probably
quite well be described by that which you said: "No electricity".
Albania's economy underwent a cathastrophy. Not only this;
when later US foreign secretary arrived in Albania (early '90:s)
he was greeted with loud cheers by a big crowd. So in which
direction had Hodxa really been making propaganda in those years?
Hodxa - Gang of Four - US imperialism (and Malignki, for instance,
too), that's a certain constellation.

Only, as far as *I*'m concerned, it would be somewhat dificult
to put me in with *that* particular constellation, don't you
think? Considering the fact that it has been one rather important
target for attack on my part.

And, once more, *against* electricity, against nuclear power,
for instans, that's the campaing by US imperialism's main forces etc
etc (which i.a. means you), *for* it, that's in the interests of
the great majority and that's the direction in which *my*
propaganda is going.

Rolf M.

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