Civic Actions in Counterinsurgency

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The Communist Party of Peru (PCP) opposes the army's
"distribution" or "civic actions." The masses must get organized
to handle themselves the food and medical attention, they should
manage and distribute them themselves, applying the rule that
first served should be the poorest of the poor, then the poor in
general, the little ones, the middle ones, and least of all the
rich.  That the people understand they must appropriate these
products, since those handouts are not gifts by the government
nor imperialism but they are a by product of the Revolution, part
of the rights benefitting them. Urge them also to ask more and
better, not to do anything in payment thereof; to refuse work
cleaning the walls, or snitching. The walls are the pages whereon
the people express their ideas, since they have nowhere else to
write on, neither radio, nor TV, nor newspapers because the
entire media is in the hand of their exploiters. So where or when
can the poor to express themselves otherwise? The only ones
speaking are the opportunists, the revisionists, the pastiches,
the lackeys, the workers aristocracy, the false leaders of the

Educate the masses on the political objective of these actions by
the state: they are part of their low intensity warfare, aimed
against the People's War and to contain the explosiveness of the
masses. Teach the people these crumbs, which they have wrested
away with their ceaseless struggle, are not going to solve their
problems, that only the Revolution can truly warrant the rights
of the people, and the Revolution is made with the People's War.
Educate them in the economic objective, that its essence is to
compensate minimally the monstrous cut in wages and how this is
done in times of crisis the way Marx had already taught us (quote
him or the party documents.) Denounce and unmask how imperialism
and reaction use that compensation of salary to buy consciences
and try to compromise the people with their ideological,
political and economic plans. The oppressors and the exploiters
want to use the masses to support fly-by-night ideologies,
reactionary idealism, and to that end they traffic with the
people's religious fervor, to sell them the ideology of an old
backwards, hypocritical and false Catholic Church, which
historically has always been against progress, against science.

Didn't the church organize and support armies, crusades, thousand
intrigues leading to mass slaughters, conquests and oppression,
of peoples? The Inquisition was used here in these lands and its
tortures were savage. In World War II, when did pope Pius XII
ever condemn Hitler's Fascism and its genocides? As regards
Protestantism and its proliferating sects, didn't they help
develop the penetration plans of imperialism, mainly yanqui?
The Catholic Church too. All that, besides using these
compensatory crumbs to help revisionism and opportunism keep
galloping over the masses.

Politically, they would like for the masses see the need to
preserve the Old State, which gives them "Freedom" and
"Democracy," when in fact what the masses get daily is repression
and death, besides hunger and misery. The "Freedom" they talk
about is freedom for the powerful now ruling, not for the
downtrodden.  The "democracy" they preach is simply the
dictatorship of the rich ruling classes of the Old State: the big
bourgeoisie and the landlords, both classes accountable to yanqui
imperialism; Fujimori steps daily on it, undermining his own
demo-bourgeois order, and expressing fascist ideas and positions.

Again reaction launch the treacherous slogan of "sacrifice today
for a better tomorrow," and as usual "in defense of freedom and
democracy," covering up that way new capitalist accumulation
based on the largest feasible surplus value and the increased
exploitation and oppression in which they are sinking us.

Besides, for example, in the Covenant, what poor coca growing
peasant expressed his/her ideas? Oh, of course!, some might be
called in to "express their views" but doubtfully anyone would
pay attention, since here only those in power listen to each
other, among reactionaries, and they obey anything their
imperialist master order.

When have the people mattered to them? Never, and today even
less. Other examples of their "Freedom and Democracy" the decrees
against the working class or the marketing of lands which just
despoiling the peasants off what little land they had. Another,
when the masses get out on the street to demand their rights,
aren't they repressed, arrested, disappeared and murdered?
Another, we who think and act in opposition to them, more so we
who profess Marxism, aren't we systematically annihilated? The
genocide of the Luminous Trench of Combat (Trans. Prisons) on
June 19, 1986 must be remembered. The Fujimori genocides too.

Show facts and concrete example of struggles and teach the masses
so they express their opinion, denounce, and express their

Economically, with the so-called "aid" of imperialism and
"survival organizations" (Glass of Milk, Popular Dining Rooms,
etc.) they merely compensate for the brutal reduction in wages,
imposed and maintained so workers and laborers see themselves due
to hunger and extreme poverty, forced to work for a meager wage
which can't even replace their own labor power. And all, to favor
what? To favor the so called "neoliberal revolution": an obsolete
economic concept imposed by imperialism to promote its "market
economy" and "equitative growth," the yanqui imperialist thesis
applied through CEPAL and FMI, which only are plans for ruling
and exploitation. For that reason, they want to lower inflation
applying deflation, generating recession and trying to reduce the
fiscal deficit, all that by squeezing the class like a lemon,
cutting wages, generating more and more unemployment, increasing
the cost of living, reducing the people's purchase capacity, more
and increased taxes on those below. In summary, all IMF,
International Development Bank and World Bank demands for the
"accumulation of wealth," is the imposition of more draconian
measures against the people to accumulate new capital through
increased surplus value, and that way offer better guarantees to
foreign investments. They dream for more loans, but they got
barely to repay the foreign debt. That is what the international
finance system calls "reinsertion." Hence their stabilization
plan, enslaves the people and the class even more. That's why the
people must not let themselves be tied down, since their only way
out is to struggle to wrest away more conquests and to advance
the conquest of Power by means of the people's War, demolish this
Old State and build the People's Republic of Peru under the
leadership of the Communist Party of Peru.

In summary, the economic plan of the reactionaries has the
following characteristics:
1) It is part of the low intensity war,
2) It compensates the cut of wages with philanthropy (short term
handouts); and
3) It uses "bourgeois philanthropy" to tie the masses to their
neoliberal plans, market economy, their ideology, politics and
economics of imperialism, mainly yanqui. The plans is executed
under the pro-imperialist mercenary Fujimori, sustained by the
genocidal armed and police forces, and supported by the Church,
mainly Catholic, and all the defenders of the Old State,
revisionism and opportunism of the so-called United Left or the
Socialist Left, Democratic Left, and the armed revisionists like

On this premise, we must unmask the reactionary programs and
plans, unfold their essence, destroy them. Teach the masses to
get organized, struggle and wrest away what is theirs. And
empower their struggles with armed actions. That way the
reactionaries are unmasked, undermined and they and their plans
blown up through the air. The Party leads, the masses do the
rest. To blow up their sinister plans of annihilation of the
People's War, which Peruvian reaction, imperialism and
revisionism prepare using the masses tying them down to a vile

Extract of the Document "Directives for Metropolitan Lima" by the
Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru.

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