Jewry under Bolshevism

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Fri Jun 28 03:20:15 MDT 1996

>Came across Lionel Kochan's The Jews in Soviet Russia since 1917 (Oxford UP
>1970) in my (still largely unread) marxist library at my dad's.

Louis,s article was very interesting.I would like to add the following own
historical experience on this question.

When I was a kid growing up in New York City. The Jews played a key role in
the poorer areas. For example the neigborhood where i lived its was Jews who
usually collected the rent for the cockroach filled apartments that we
rented. There was a general anti semitism in the sense that the people
living there saw these people as the direct representatives of the
oppressing class.

It was these people one could connect too as being the people responsible
for the general poverty that people found themselves in. It was only years
later when i became politically concious that i realised that the jews in
our neigborhood were small potatoes. In fact about the only people willing
to take the risk of even running these apartment houses and small
neigborhood stores..

However i would assume that this general picture still exists in poor areas
and ghettoes. Perhaps not so much in housing today as back then, but in
small stores and businesses. It seems that the jews no longer fill this role
as they once did in New York City. I think in LA it was the chinese and
Vietnamese who were standing in front of the stores with shotguns trying to
defend themselves during the riots.

Anyhow i think that this also has its historical aspects in history during
the rise in Facism in Germany for example. It was quite easy for the Nazi,s
to mobilise opinion against the jews more for phycological reasons rather
then there place in the capitalist hierarchy as small business owners..

Findly the anti semitism and Stalinism i think is quite true. In fact
Martens is unconciously or conciously playing on this stuff with his name
stuff. I have repeatedly asked him to stop this "jewbaiting" type off
Stalinist slander. However he is continuing the tradition of his heros...


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