The strange case of Julian Calero

Robert Malecki malecki at
Fri Jun 28 03:20:52 MDT 1996

>Louis G:
>>Mr Calero, should you ever free yourself from your current crop of
>>"benefactors", I will do whatever is in my power to assist you.    Everyone
>>knows where to find me.   I live in Rhode Island.   One area code, one
>>directory.   I'm in the book.
>Very self-serving, Louis. I doubt that Mr. Calero is subsc*ribed to the
>mar*xism li*st. I neither know nor care anything about his supposed
>benefactors, but it sounds to me as if you're saying you won't stir
>yourself on his behalf because they are involved.

I have only one thing to add to what Rahul writes. Godena comes creeping out
of a closet after its all over. Who really cares what political cowards care
when in the mist of the struggle you stood by the side lines and said
nothing. Only appearing now as a cheer leader for Aldolfo means one thing. A
cheer leading hack with nothing to say..


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