Jewry under Bolshevism

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Fri Jun 28 06:29:53 MDT 1996

On Thu, 27 Jun 1996, Louis R Godena wrote:

> Jewish scholars and actiivists.    Its main thesis, that since about 1930
> the Jews as a group had never been able to feel themselves secure in the
> Soviet environment,  begs provisionally the larger question:  were the Jews
> less secure, at any rate during certain periods, than many other sections of
> the population?

Louis P.: This is a most interesting post. I have had the opportunity to
work with *many* Russian Jews in NY over the last fifteen years or so in
the computer field. They are almost to a person secular and politically
conservative. None of them have the slightest interest in living in

The one comment that stuck in my mind was when a young men named Igor told
me once that he hated to carry a internal passport around with him that
identified him as a Jew.

There is of course the fine short stories of Isaac Bebel, who accompanied
Soviet Cossacks (!) during the civil war and wrote modernist tales of the
contradictions of being a secular Jew among historical antisemites who
rode through the Pale settlements of Eastern Russia.

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