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The recent initiative of the US imperialist chieftain Clinton in seeking to
introduce a repressive fascistic regime inside the USA as well as extending
it to other countries under the guise of "war on terrorism", confirms the
conclussions put forwards in the Work Fascism, the Old and the New.  It
shows that the general trend of reaction towards confrontation with the most
basic needs of the masses as well as their most cherished rights continues
to intensify in all countries of the world.

This undeniable fact of today's world political life underlines particularly
the need of the proletariat to organise its widest possible United Front in
defence of the BASIC PRINCIPLES OF MARXISM, the proletarian leadership in
the world revolution, socialism and communism.  The opposite classes basic
interests and their political interest further intensify their own
respective preparations for the inevitable all out and generalised conflict
that will finally decide which class will conquer who.

For this proletarian front to be able to stand as the most advanced and
uncomprimising vanguard of the proletariat, the backbone and guiding force
of the new class in society, it must of necessity incorporate all the living
lessons of the worker's movement and Marxism in all of its historical
development in accordance with the concrete needs of this stage of the
struggle, and further develop the necesary theoretical and practical tools
needed for final victory.

It is in the contexts of this developments that it is worth commenting what
the article of Italian communist leader Giuliano Naira in reference to the
theme of the People's War in Peru and the PCP's role within the
International Communist Movement, the anti-fascist front and the seizure of
power within the metropolitan countries indicates about this historical trend.

People like Giulano Naira, unlike Avakian style "new lefties" and the usual
crowd of romantic petty bourgeois revolutionists, is a tribune of the
traditional proletarian school, of the mainstream of the Italian workers
movement, one of the most powerful bases in Europe of a wide workers
movement efectively linked to orthodox marxists ideals.

No one can doubt the prestige of the following words among the Italian
masses: "Communist", "partisan" (anti-fascist guerilla fighter), or the
names of Lenin and Stalin, Marx, Mao Tse-tung and others.  In Italy, unlike
Britain, the US, Holland, or the Scandinavian countries for example, and
even to a greater degree than in Germany or France, where Trotskysm has a
little more influence, these names evoke good memories and intense loyalty
>from the masses.

No one can doubt the power of the Italian workers movement in relation to
those of the countries where social democracy of the Bernstein - or even
worse of the Fabian - school prevails among the mases while the
intellectuals follow different schools of sectarism, mostly Trotskyst, but
also a certain cultist sectarianism which falsely claims itself Maoist.

It is the fact that up to now the ideas of the WORLD MOBILISATION COMMISSION
in reference to the organisation of international solidarity with the
People's War in Peru are advancing solidly precisely in those countries
where the proletarian school linked to the history of the III International

In addition, the fundamental basis of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist movement,
has its strongest bases are precisely in countries of the Third World,
where, as a whole the same school of thought prevails too overwhelmingly
among the communists. Moreover, in that basic area of the world, and present
main arena of the world revolution, this school has in fact developed
further, and has entered into the new and superior stage of Maoism.

These two factors bode well for the development of a really massive movement
of the proletarian masses to defeat the current offensive of the New style
fascism of the Anglo-American style monopoly capital dictatorships in every
field, ideological, political and economic. In that sense, to see people
like Giulano Naira raising these questions about solidarity with Peru WITHIN
the mainstream movement of the Italian left, the communist movement, bodes
extremely well for the reconstitution of that movement into a fighting force
for the class policies of the proletariat.

Communists like Naira, fighting to re-establish within the Italian movement
the revolutionary spirit of Marxism, find that support for the Peruvian
revolution means support for their own.  That support for the PCP means
support for the ideas that PCP is contributing to the International
Communist Movement.  By recognising its practice, Naira recognises its
principles too.

Moreover, people like Naira are respected people by the masses, not
mountebanks in the mould of the self-styled Maoists linked to Co-RIM who up
to now were trying to ride the Peruvian party's prestige to advance their
own sectarian politics, more akin to Avakian's version of Trotskysm, than to
Gonzalo Thought.

There is no doubt that with the CALL for the organisation of a WORLD
MOBILISATION COMMISSION, the whole left wing of the communist movement will
be benefit, and Maoism will take a solid step forward into Europe,
incarnating itself in deeply rooted sections of the proletarian movement,
where never before had such a presence as such.  The World Mobilisation
Commission will thus contribute too in practice to the defeat of revisionism
within that very movement.  It is no accident that the most immediate
signatories of this call have been, in addition to the Maoists parties, have
been communist parties which are arriving at Maoism from the tradition of
the European branch of the III International.

This does not mean that in the countries of the Nordic imperialist world
similar developments are not taking place.  The example of comrade Godenas
in the USA, who is a member of the CPUSA's proletarian left too, is also
part of this trend that growing numbers of influential leaders of parties
associated to the tradition of the III international are starting to
manifesr.  Of course, there is a difference in size and strenght between the
CPUSA and the class conscious proletariat movement in relation to the
communist organisations and movement in Italy, and I am sure comrade Godenas
is perfectly aware of this.

In countries like the USA, there is also a greater influence of Trotskysm,
social democracy and other more old style pork barrel bourgeois politics.
While in Italy, and in general in Europe, and particularly in the southern
part of the continent, conditions for the work of the World Mobilisation
Commission are bound to develop at a faster rate initially, in America one
must expect a more difficult beginning and a greater degree of opposition
within the "bourgeois left" of all denominations, principally all sorts of
bogus Maoists, but also all the other bourgeois schools of "marxism", as
well as all similar sects of mountebanks and trafficker loudmouthed
braggarts and finks working shamelessly for the ruling classes.

The desperate, tyrannical and genocidal actions of Clinton and other
chieftains of imperialism are intensifying.  This is showing up for all to
see the impotence and essentially demagogic and inneffective character of
the solutions the imperialist bourgeoisie offers for the grave problems of
the world's masses their own parasitic existence generates and intensifies

Therefore, the message and struggle and those and other comrades in the USA
who follow this line, is bound to find growing echo, not only within the
CPUSA itself and the new genrations attracted to the communist ideals -
helping to reconstitute the Party of the proletariat upon its most advanced
and correct theoretical and political basis and returning it fully to the
fold of Marxism - but also among other sections of the proletarian movement
currently under the influence of bourgeois ideology, revisionism, social
democracy, and economicism, but who at the same time have a basic socialist
and anti-imperialist outlook compatible with the basic principles of
Marxism, and capable of discarding imperialist ideology and political action.

The Peruvian revolution's echoes of thunder too, will help increase the
influence of this school of Thought and facilitate the advance of the tasks
of embodying these Maoist principles on the wide masses of the American people.

I think this thoughts on the path of development we see for the WMC will be
proven to have a serious basis on reality, on historical necessity, and on
Marxist science, because they are in basic correspondence with the needs of
the masses in an era in which the class struggle intensifies in every level.

In that sense, we can already say that the the ideas embodied on this CALL
have already been victorious.  And that is certainly a most fundamental
victory for Maoism in the USA too.

Adolfo Olaechea

Poor PC BURFORD SJ:  He can't see what the WMC is all about.  He wants
signatures and official seals.  That is his Home Office mentality coming thru!#

The question is that I do not believe his proclamations of hapiness for the
defeat of England. His happiness, as his chauvinism, is of the reverse type!

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