PCP on Infiltrators and Snitches LIKE "QUISPE"

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Quispe:  The former campaign manager of the United Left in New York (1985)
is the typical revisionist infiltrator.  Today he and his gang of
capitulators have adopted the Lori Berenson  (MRTA) tactics;  In order to
confuse people he publishes old documents of PCP that have long been
available in Spanish, French and German in Europe.  Moreover now he wants to
cover up his vicious attacks on El Diario and the fact that his ideology,
that of malecki and the Home Office (I will take down everything you say and
use it in evidence against you) representative in this list, Chris Burford.

This is nothing but a trick to late and the last gasp of someone who knows
he is lost the mask already.  He doesn't care, not a word of self-criticism
on his absurd allegations against honest people. Not a word about having
implicated the poor fellow Calero in their adventure by their own "stpid"
declarations of May 10 and June 8.

I beg to disagree with Comrade Godena on this one.  People like this are not
acting out of stupidity alone.  Nor out of a murky taste for romantic
No these people fully correspond to the infiltrators the PCP warns again. I
fully agree with comrade Godena that the best counter agains these people is
to develop the concrete work of defense of the Peruvian revolution and the
principles of the class.  But that tak is inseparable of unmasking these
agents of the class enemy AND driving them away from the masses by ANY means

Of course this has already been done in Europe, specially in Sweden where
the phoeny MPP was driven from the masses by the strenght and fury of the
proletarian militants on May 1st, 1996.  They had to go crying and licking
their sores to the nearest Swedish police station.

True, the unmasking of the "Quispe" has - in comparison to that of the TP
gang of two in Sweden, has just began.  But the fact remains that this is a
task that must be carried out through to the end.

We have never revealed any names to anybody.  That is something El Diario
will do, as it has already announced.  However, the point is that whenever
El Diario reveals names is to brand them as PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOTHING TO DO
WITH THE PCP.  Hardly a job of snitches.  Snitches are those who wittingly
or unwittingly will point the finger at someone and say that he or she is
>from the PCP.  That is what Azcueta does.  That is what Quispe - he now says
that unwittingly - did in this very list in reference to Fujimori's chosen
victim in the US Julian Calero.

What we have done is to FORCE THE FUJIMORI AGENCY to admiit that Calero has
nothing to do with PCP or with any kind of "MPP".  That is in fact
protecting Calero, and our best contribution to his defence.  To fail to see
this distinction, which is precisely what the Jesuits, who in the one hand
admit "that everything that is said is being taken down in evidence, and on
the other dismiss the fact of Quispe's finger pointing and confirmation of
Fujimori's charges against the person of Mr. Calero as simply "confussion of
a distressed Marcelina".  Pull the other leg and tell me that England beat
Germany last Wednesday!

>"Always keep a high vigilance but even higher today, because we
>are at a more developed, therefore more complex, political
>moment; we are at strategic equilibrium and both sides in the
>war, them, the enemy, and us, are preparing for a definitive
>"Always, investigate fully any signs of infiltration or entrism,
>specifically from MRTA and reaction. We must develop a
>political-ideological unmasking campaign against MRTA's
>revisionism, taking what the document of the Plenary Session of
>the II Plenum of the Central Committee says and what was set
>Forth at the Political Bureau July 1990 meeting. To put out
>flyers, do group discussions, debates, emphasize promoting debate
>since they always run away from them, they can't stand a
>political-ideological attack. What have they answered to
>"Elections No, People's War Yes!"?.  Nothing but babbling based
>on bourgeois papers headline news, to repeat what reaction says
>about, "division exists,". And do they ever prove anything?  No,
>they remain as parasitical as ever, fulfilling their role of
>dividing tasks to annihilate us, as active and armed complement
>of Peruvian reaction and of social-imperialism. It is besides
>notorious that they are wrong and very likely divided, it
>suffices to read that pamphlet "Cambio" they are allowed to
>distribute freely. Even Lima's TV Channel 5 is at their disposal,
>and it wouldn't be surprising if ever Lima's TV 4 Soon is placed
>at their disposal too." President Gonzalo.
>In the international solidarity work, we see the dirty work of
>charlatan Olaechea, hooked full time to the Internet, and for
>years spying and infiltrating the work of the PCP activists
>abroad, trafficking and embezzling thousand of dollars for his
>personal Benefit with his "Olaechea fighting fund" for political
>prisoners in Peru, however, he has never sent a cent to the
>prisoners. Today, he is working openly in favor of the genocidal
>regime of Fujimori, slandering w/o a shred of evidence the Peru
>People's Movement worldwide, the organizations generated by the
>PCP. He desperately tries to identify the clandestine members of
>the MPP abroad to report them to Fujimori's National Intelligence
>Services (SIN) and the pigs in the imperialist countries, in
>exchange for publicity, self-promotion in the SIN controlled
>papers and TV in Peru. But most importantly he is working for SIN
>in exchange for the collection of his inheritance from his
>wealthy aunt Augusta who recently died in Lima. More than ever
>before, today Olaechea is a despicable snitch (the London
>Azcueta) who is trying to sell out to Fujimori the fate of a
>Peruvian worker recently arrested in New York, openly advocating
>his extradition to the death squads of Fujimori. He allied
>himself tightly with the Senderologists (agents of reaction and
>imperialism) such as Simon Strong, Raul Gonzales and Degregori.
>He claims that in the belly of the beast (U.S. imperialism) there
>is "freedom and democracy" and any political prisoner is fairly
>treated. All these charges have been proved and most of them
>acknowledged by the snitch himself. For example, the trafficking
>"fund" was acknowledged, the letter of support to the British
>government and the Queen, his disassociation of any Party
>organization, and his snitch activities of providing names of
>alleged MPP members to the enemies of the Peruvian revolution.
>All this has been proved. On the other hand, what allegation of
>snitch Olaechea against us has been proved? None.
>In his vicious and sadistic campaign against the MPPs, Olaechea
>uses the name of Arce Borja, who, so far has failed to
>disassociate himself from snitch Olaechea Cahuas, and who should
>also be condemned for using this psychopath as a nozzle for his black
>Marcelina Ccorimanya. (the Uta who loves centrist cows and the La Torres)
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