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Fri Jun 28 15:30:00 MDT 1996

Concerning Brian Pink's post of Thurs 27 June 1996:
>I was wondering why should one participate in a "communist" organization
>when the world is clearly capitolist. Would it not be better for you as
>a person to continue to live within the capitolist paradigm until it
>ceases to exist? By denying the life you live, aren't you only slowing
>down capitolism and therefore its' conclusion, after which true
>communism will rise? Might it not be better to live as fully capitolist
>as possible while society is capitolist, then go with the flow when
>times change?


I have come out of lurking because I think I can give you a clear answer.
Yes, we live within capitalism;  there's no escaping that fact.  To be
involved with a Marxist/socialist/communist organization is not to deny that
society is capitalist, but to recognize that fact and struggle to change it.

You seem to be working from the idea that the transition from capitalism to
socialism/communism will be inevitable and automatic. This is false.  Marx
and Engels in the Communist Manifesto said that class struggle ends "either
in the revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, or in the common
ruin of the contending classes."

It could go either way. Canadian scientist David Suzuki has said that if
society doesn't undergo a drastic change, and soon, we have only fifty years
to a century left before our planet is irreparably damaged, which could
definitely be considered the "common ruin of the contending classes."  Try
the "common ruin" of the human race!  This is what we are headed for if
capitalism continues.

I think I'm getting off topic slightly.  My point is:  the transition from
capitalism to socialism is not an automatic process.  It requires the
conscious efforts of the working class and its allies.  Capitalism will not
cease of its own accord.

So a question for you, then:  would you rather sit back and wait and hope
that others will make this conscious effort and put the revolution through,
or would you be part of the struggle?  This is why one should participate in
an organization whose goal is the end capitalism and bring in a socialist


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