Adolfo changes tune on Quispe

Chris, London 100423.2040 at
Sat Jun 29 01:13:20 MDT 1996

In response to my post on the politics of the MPP's and the PCP,
Adolfo sidesteps the questions, with a sally about the Home
Secretary, and then blandly says

>>There is no MPP USA or MPP EUROPE, both are figments of Quispe's

I thought Quispe was supposed to be in the pay of Fujimori.

Why has Adolfo turned so mild as merely to suggest
Luis is a victim of an over-active imagination?

I see a link with Adolfo's soul-bearing posts to those
on the l'st he has nominated as his friends, apparently in the
hope that they will join him on M3.

But would Spoons want to set up another l'st for Adolfo?

If we are to believe his conversion
to serious argument rather than flamboyant bullying, perhaps
he could first explain his change of tune about Luis Quispe?


(actually in the pay of the Secretary of State of
Health and Social Security)

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