The list: What is to be done?

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sat Jun 29 03:04:02 MDT 1996

> >> 1. Louis P. & Adolfo to  refrain from contributing to the Malecki
>phenomenon. 2. Adolfo to simply ignore Quispe.  I know that is hard, but in
>this forum Adolfo's case has been won, of this I am sure. <<Gary M
> Jon Flanders:
>  You have my vote on this Gary.
Our "trade union" man appears to be using the typical bureaucratic trade
union tactics to silence the opposition. You can figure out all the plans
and tactics in the world but i let those on the list decide who is really
fighting for working class interests and who is not.

Flanders unpolitical bureaucratic posing and organisational tactics will not
prevent politics from coming from on the list..


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