Hidding from Politics Aldofo?

hariette spierings hariette at easynet.co.uk
Sat Jun 29 04:30:35 MDT 1996

>>Hey malecki!  I told you to stop the prattle and get on with
>>doing something concrete for what you are suppossed to do, even
>>if it is only the small good of wiping the smile of the
>>imperialists and Fujimori regime team trying to obtain political
>>dividents from innocent Mr. Calero. Where is your saffron robe
>>and your begging bowl? You are suppossed to be out working hard
>>down the road to Stockholm - remember PRAXIS? - instaed you are
>>still here chanting your silly mantras:  Ha-Ha-Ha Olaechea!
>>You can even get the mantras right!  It is suppossed to be:
>Sooner or later Aldolfo will be forced out of his closet. His above ravings
>will not cover up his right wing menshevik line on Peru. He has openly
>declared himself for a "National Democratc" revolution with a deal with
>parts of the Peruvian bougeoisie after he takes power. In other words the
>classical Menshevik position between February and October in Russia. But
>Aldolfo goes even one step futher then even the Mensheviks he says this
>stuff even before Fugimora is overthrown..
>The ravings are his cover to dupe people on this list.
>Hey och Ho my little Stalinist Lizard
What?  Skiving again, malecki? Come, on!. Get busy!.  Put on the robe, grab
the wooden bowl and start dancing and shouting at the top of your best "meat
riot voice":


PS:"KISSPEE" is the onomatopeyic English version of Quispe. If you don't
know what onomatopeyic means, it means in this context the way it sounds in
Spanish. This note is only in the interest of teaching malecki how to chant
his mantra properly.

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