History of Trotskyism in Australia

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A couple of short points because I need to get to the pub before
it closes.

1. There is at least one mention in the original 'Bulletin of
the Opposition' to a left opposition grouping in the CPA. I've
not had time to try translating it. It may have been covered in
the Militant in the early 30s.

2. The Australian Healyites published a history of the CPA in
1981 that gives some useful background and sources on the
trotskyists in Australia.

3. Revolutionary History did not find anyone to review the
Australia section of Alexander's 'International Trotskyism'
book, but Ted Crawford commented extensively on New Zealand and
pointed out some links (and inaccuracies). If you wanted to
interview some old timers I'm sure he could get you some leads.

4. Labournet recently carried a long obituary on an australian
trotskyist, from Greenleft. I can repost it if there's interest.

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