Comments on Louis' History of Trotskyism and Vladimir is not been candid!

hariette spierings hariette at
Sat Jun 29 16:32:22 MDT 1996

>In his comments on Louis' comments on Trotsky, Vladimir Bilenkin
>>I have never been a Trotskyist.
>I'm sure there are 450 answers to this question, but I'm still
>what makes someone a Trotskyist? What are the distinguishing
>marks of the
>species (or, if you prefer, what is pathognomonic of the

Well Doug, here is 451: I do not regard myself as a "Stalinist" either.
However, since I have the same position as Bilenkin in the opposite
direction and people call me Stalinist, I do accept the term with honour and
without Zuganov style caveats.  Maybe it is this thing we Peruvians have
inherited from Mariategui, you know, that point about communists "assuming
the revolution's "horrors" without cowardly reservations".


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