1/5 Why do I think Chris is a cop?

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1/5 Why do I think Chris is a cop?    [Posted: 30.06.96]


>From 18.06 on, I've been calling Chris Burford, London, "Chris
Cop". I've promised an explanation for this, and here it is. Sorry
about the rather long time elapsed. I'll also explain why I think
the subject merits such an extensive posting as the present one,
which is in 5 parts.

I cannot say that the below constitutes proof of what I think on
this point, but I hold that it's very strong support of it. As I=20
already wrote, I've found the writings of Chris to have such an=20
unpleasant character that I have no qualms about calling him a cop=20
on these grounds. Generally, of course, one should be quite careful=20
about doing such a thing.=20

The below, then, is intended as a discourse in the "Anti-Cop
Academy". Of course, if it's any good, then it will also contain
some pointers for the "Cop Academy" people, on how to
camouflage themselves better in the future, if they do want to
try to continue having non-silent cops working on a list such as=20
this one. But this is so difficult for them to do, without being
found out sooner or later, anyway. It's the Anti-Cop "Academy"=20
that's the more important one.=20

Looking at things in accordance with the theory that this writer,
Chris, is a cop, you can get some quite interesting pointers on
how the cops would like (above all) the adherents of Marx, Lenin=20
and Mao Zedong to think and argue and act and on how they
don't like them to think, argue and act. This of course provided
the theory is correct.=20

It's because of the things I said in the last two paragraphs above
that I'm bringing such a comparatively long posting on this subject.

I shall bring a number of quotes from the writings of Chris during=20
what one may call "the 'Quispe' fight" on this list, which lasted=20
approximately from 15.04 to 09.06, in its most important part.

This fight also has continued since, of course, and so has the=20
struggle for and against the proposed WMC (World Wide=20
Mobilisation Commission to defend the revolution in Peru), which=20
has been closely connected with that struggle in which "Quispe"=20
was completely exposed as a US imperialist agent and a partner=20
of the already formerly exposed one, Avakian, who in his turn was,
and still is, the most important official leader of that quite large,
more than a decade long and still continuing Operation=20
Subversion against the proletarian revolutionary forces in the=20
world, the phoney "preparatory International" the "RIM".=20

Not all comrades have yet realized that the "RIM" was a trap from
the beginning. But all have seen how Avakian and his "CoRIM"
have been openly stabbing the Peruvian revolution in the back=20
since late 1993. Thus at least as a person, Avakian (also the
chairman of the phoney "RCP" of the USA) has been completely exposed.=20
He and the whole phoney"Marxist" ideology connected=20
with him, for which the comrades of the Detcom (Detroit Peru=20
Support Committee) have coined the term "Avakianism", have =20
been under attack on the Net since at least the beginning of
this year. Thus that real partnership "Quispe"-Avakian, which
eventually showed up quite clearly, also was very tale-telling.

I intend to show a very systematical support for this Operation
Subversion in general and for "Quispe" in particular, and for
practically all reactionary things you can think of, which there has=20
been in the writings of Chris - also after 09.06 - , and to show how=20
he all the time has tried to camouflage that support under a cloak=20
of being "just an interested onlooker". - Well, in the last week or
so, he's come out more openly than before in favour of what he
wants, which contributes towards proving my point, I think.

Is it reasonable to suppose that the imperialists may have
non-silent cops working on this list? It is. This because there has,
on the part of not a few writers, been represented some geniune
Marxism here, as opposed to such phoney"Marxist" discussions
which lead "nowhere and everywhere", and this means that some
efforts have been made here in the direction of trying to organize=20
the international proletariat behind a correct line. But such=20
organization is something which the bourgeoisie must try to
prevent, using all means at its disposal. Marxism is an=20
extremely powerful and important weapon for the proletariat.
And a list such as this one absolutely has a potential for
being such an important weapon too.=20

So it's logical to presume that there are non-silent cops here,
trying of course to disseminate false infromation, to discredit
correct things and to sow dissension among such forces which
should, despite their differences, unite.

Who's under suspicion of being a cop? In my opinion, on
principle, everybody should be. The standpoints and the
characters of the different writers will be seen from their
writings over a longer period - this also coupled with what
information there is about their actions outside the list and
the Net as a whole. Imaginable are also various sophistications
such as person A:s helping to expose cops B and C just to
camouflage his/her own being likewise a cop. (Approximately
this was the theme, for instance, of the well-known story by John
le Carre': "The Spy Who Came in from the Cold".) But it's=20
questionable whether there would really be much use, as seen=20
>from the standpoint of the bourgeoisie, for such "supercops", in=20
comparison with the "damage" which they would have to do just=20
to keep up the camouflage.

Net discussions just are no "good" places at all for the cops!
They greatly favour the revolutionaries, who can even utilize
the writings of exposed cops (or more or less justifiedly=20
suspected ones) to get some more information and perhaps a=20
better understanding of things.

How, in this concrete case, has Chris, in my judgement, so far=20
behaved in a "copper"ish way?=20

In the beginning, I on my part did think that Chris was the=20
"interested onlooker" he pretended to be, or just another of those=20
"appeasers", who need not necessarly be such out of reactionary=20
intent but in many cases, experience shows, only lack insight in=20
certain things. As the debate went on, I found him to be a very=20
persistent and unpleasent representative of the "peace at any price"=20
ideology and at one point, on 09.06, I posted to the list a "theory"=20
of his perhaps being "a third part" of the "multiple personality"=20
of "Quispe" which we by then had been informed of by comrade Adolfo.=20
But this was more or less intended as only a joke on my part. It=20
wasn't until the 18.06 that I came to the conclusion that Chris=20
indeed probably was a cop.

In reaching this conclusion, I've been assisted by the comments of
some other people, notably journalist Ken Campbell, who on 02.06
justly attacked Chris' condoning of the nasty personal attacks which
"Quispe/Ccorimanya" at that time had been directing at several
people in "his" typical lumpen-proletarian style, and squarely placed
Chris in with the "Quispe" black gang. I on my part at that time was
leaning over a little on the side of caution in my written comments
on Chris' continued "let's-all-continue-to-be-friends" despite those
nastinesses, but I realized that Ken in fact was right. Even such
"Quispe" friends as Malignki and Gina distanced themselves from
the "Qu/Cco":s worst lumpen things.=20

Below I'll bring a number of quotes from Chris, and a few from=20
other people too, and comment on these quotes. I've noted 12=20
elements in his writings which I'll number as different points and=20
which in my opinion all, some more clearly and some not so clearly=20
but in one way or the other adding to the picture anyway, point to=20
his being a *professional* opponent of the Marxists. First a
comment on the scene, so to speak, of the struggle.


We're all, part of our lives, living in this little village, the=20
"Marxism List", pop. some 200-300 people. (I on my part am a relative=20
stranger in town, have only been here since mid-April.)

As you know, down on Main Street in this township there's an
establishment with the signboard outside: "Ye Olde Mao
Zedong Teahouse". It's a saloon in the typical Wild East style.
Things are much rougher inside it than you'd guess when
reading that sign. Smoking and drinking is going on. The
men wear long hair, the women short (in that style popular in
Russia, the USA and other places in the 20:s, after that Bolshie
revolution, and revived in later decades, too). Practically every
day of the week and in particular in the holidays, big brawls
are taking place in which everybody joins in, smashing bottles
over each others' heads, firing off their six-shooters into the
roof to underline the subtler points of their arguments, etc.  =20

(Or this is what it might look like on the surface, or viewed from
the outside. In reality it's a complicated struggle for justice that's
going on, to free the village and the whole territory from a black
gang which has been terrorizing people for a long time.)

This establishment isn't the only "brawling place" of course, but
it's held by many to be one of the "worst". "Decent citizens"=20
don't ordinarily go there.

Now Chris is one of those "decent citizens". But something that's
long been conspicuos with him is that he practically all the time
has kept hanging around that place, looking in through a window
and making comments about the proceedings inside.

What's his interest in them? The excitement, one might think. This
is something which seems to draw another (awowed) non-Mao
Zedong adherent too, Malignki, who likewise has  behaved in a=20
very reactionary way. But the entire behaviour of Malignki has been=20
rather different from that of Chris. I'll not comment further on this.
 All things considered, I judge Malignki to be not a cop but "only" a=20
supporter of reaction on a "volounteer" basis.

As I already wrote above, one long and continued brawl, taken up again=20
practically every night between mid-April and the beginning of June=20
(and later too), has been the struggle in connection with the=20
WMC or, even more, in connection with "Quispe". It above all was in
connection with that struggle that this "man in the street" or=20
"objective and impartial observer", Chris, couldn't tear himself
away from that Mao Zedong Teahouse window. This has been one
noticeable thing about him, which I put down as Point 1.

POINT =A41) 	Chris, though not himself a Mao Zedong adherent,  		       has=
been very interested indeed in the debates=20
		among those who say they are.

By this I *don't* of course mean to say that those who today don't
support Mao Zedong's line shouldn't be interested in those debates,=20
read them and take part in them etc, quite on the contrary. This=20
point concerning Chris becomes interesting in this connection only=20
when seen together with the stands taken by him on various issues.=20
I'll not give any quotes to support this particular point. The fact of=20
Chris' interest is easy to see anyway.

I'll also note as a separate point one thing which is closely
connected with this first one:

POINT =A42)	Chris is quite well read in the works of Marx, Lenin
		and Mao Zedong, yet he's not in favour of their
		ideology at all. It leaves him cold, it appears on the
		surface. A closer look shows how much he's against

People usually only read Marx etc more extensively in connection
with some interest of theirs in taking part in some way in the class
struggle. Chris on the surface doesn't seem to have much interest
in this struggle but has read quite a number of those books etc

I'll not give any particular quotes on this point either. It will be
noticed, I think, in some of those quotes I'll bring to support some
others of the things I maintain.

[Continued in part 2/5]

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