Jewry under Bolshevism

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Sun Jun 30 04:16:40 MDT 1996


You wrote, on 28.06, i.a.:

>Findly the anti semitism and Stalinism i think is quite true. In fact
>Martens is unconciously or conciously playing on this stuff with his name
>stuff. I have repeatedly asked him to stop this "jewbaiting" type off
>Stalinist slander. However he is continuing the tradition of his heros...

I've seen now, probably from the same recent posting which
you're referring to, that an element of anti-semitism may well
have played a murky role in the early Stalin-Trotsky conflict.
In an earlier posting, I denied this. But it may in fact be true.

However, this has nothing to do with what I'm calling you,
which is entirely because of your politics. And, if you
want to discuss this, you shouldn't forget that the "name
variation" business in "our" case was started precisely by
*you*, who in a *series of attacks* on me in late April,
before I had posted one negative word about you (well, there
was just that little "Our man in Havana" thing in my 15.04
"Hello all" where I defended myself against your mixing me
up with someone totally different), i.a. used a variation of
my surname in which you had added an extra circle over the "a" -
I don't know how it may have been reproduced by "transatlantic"

My replies, thus, simply contain a little tit-for-tat,
in IMO suitable amounts.

Rolf M.

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