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The below by Malignki about Sweden in fact is a pretty fair
description of the new racism emerging here in certain
"oficial" and other circles. Some of us are trying to
do something about it. A nasty phenomenon it is anyway.

Rolf M.

>>Do we start a thread about the devastating effects of capitalism on the
>>environment? About the desperation of the Mexican poor, who will risk=
>>to get a job in a country, where more likely they will get discriminated
>>against, persecuted, perhaps get beaten to death if they manage to enter?
>>Can we stand the nausea of wondering what kind of a monster could name her
>>death "a small sign of the suffering"?
>I think that it would be good start a thread about immigrant labor force=
>foreign nationals in general. Partially because it is become a major factor=
>in the struggle around racism and is being used to whip up hysteria in a=20
>more desperate situation of mass unemployment in many countries around the=
>Reposting the following as a first attempt in this..
>Recently the United Nations gave and award to Sweden because of its=20
>work on equality. Obviously the United Nations representatives have=20
>had the wool pulled over their eyes or are blind to the fact that=20
>Sweden has become a racist society.
>										=09
>That in Sweden, discrimination and segregation in the workplace, in=20
>the living areas, in the schools, has become a serious problem and=20
>in some areas of the country, general praxis. That in other words=20
>means that 20% of the population (non Swedes and families of the=20
>first and second generation of non Swedes) are treated unfairly,=20
>undemocratically and unequaly.
>									=09
>Furthermore the situation has become so serious that last night on=20
>national TV, on the program Striptease, we had a situation where=20
>Swedes in a little town in the south quite openly defended a racist=20
>youth gang who murdered a black youth in brutal cold blood. Where a=20
>leader of this bloodthirsty mob was allowed on the program to defend=20
>their program of extermination. In fact, a Jewish woman was forced=20
>to leave the program because she refused to be in the same room with=20
>this racist. This Jewish woman stated that she felt that she was=20
>reliving the thirties of Germany once again.
>											=09
>So naturally one has to question the sanity of those in the United=20
>Nations who have given this award to Sweden. The equality for the=20
>non-Swedes in      Sweden is beginning to look like the equality=20
>black people had in Alabama or    Little Rock, Arkansas in the United=20
>States during the late fifties and early    sixties... Believe me, I=20
>was there.
>										=09
>When I say racism, I mean the general rise in vicious attacks on=20
>non-Swedes. People murdered in cold blood on public streets or thrown=20
>in to lakes      after being severely beaten, in order to die. I mean=20
>the burning of crosses on the front lawns of people's homes. In fact=20
>even firebombing of homes and stores owned by non-Swedes. These acts=20
>of ever increasing terror are perpetrated on people who's only crime=20
>is not being a Swede or having black skin.
>										=09
>The courts, the prosecutors and even the minister of justice appear=20
>to be paralysed and do nothing to stop these racist attacks. In fact=20
>there is a death sheet with 300 names on it, people the racist=20
>terrorists say should die. One prosecutor actually recommends people=20
>not to do anything when confronted with his or her name on it.
>										=09
>Recently the courts sentenced a non-Swede for protecting his home=20
>from a vicious attack by racists. For months these people were being=20
>persecuted by    the racists and even their house was repeatedly=20
>attacked and windows and  doors smashed. When the man in the family=20
>defended himself, he was tried and convicted for injuring one of the=20
>										=09
>People are literally being burned out of their homes by racist gangs.=20
>Firebombs in the middle of the night and crosses burning on the lawn.=20
>Does this sound like "equality" to the United Nations? To me it sounds=20
>like "Dixie" during the years of the Klu Klux Klan..
>										=09
>The above is the open racist attacks on non-Swedes. However racism     =20
>which is hidden under the surface is generally widespread throughout=20
>the country. "Nigger" and "Blackskull" has become the general=20
>reference among the general population, in talking about people who's=20
>skin is of another colour. In fact you don't even have to be black,=20
>a Turk, a Iranian, a Latin American with brown skin are treated as=20
>second and third class citizens. In fact if you talk with an accent=20
>in Sweden today, it is enough to get your head bashed in or your=20
>house attacked!
>										=09
>Everyday practically there are reports of new incidents of open=20
>racist  terror or hidden racist practice. How can the United Nations=20
>turn a blind eye to those events. In fact by giving Sweden a prize=20
>for equality, is basically like giving George Wallace a prize during=20
>the sixties for raising the status of equal rights for white middle
>-class women in Alabama!
>										=09
>Today in Sweden we are talking about 15% of the population that do=20
>not have a job. Over 500,000 people are directly unemployed or are=20
>in some sort of job education program. However that figure does not=20
>give a true picture of reality. In fact in many of the larger cities=20
>80% (!) of the non-Swede population do not have jobs. In fact=20
>non-Swedes, procentually, are the overwhelming majority of unemployed,=20
>those on welfare, or in job training.
>										=09
>Today it has become common place that if you are not a Swede, then=20
>you don't get a job...People who have worked in the areas which=20
>before relied on non-Swedes, such as cleaning toilets, changing=20
>bedpans or taking care of the mentally undeveloped, have become=20
>nearly total Swedish workplaces. Today a non-Swede has a chance of=20
>getting a job as a snowball in hell. The only area where this has=20
>not become norm, is the picking of strawberries, during the=20
>strawberry season. That area has been reserved for east Europeans=20
>and non-Swedes. Because it is a lot like picking cotton in the=20
>south during slavery or picking grapes in California, which is=20
>usually reserved for the Mexicans who illegally come to the United=20
>States to pick.
>										=09
>This is discrimination on a broad level. Although you will never=20
>hear a Swedish employer say that "you do not get the job because=20
>your skin is black"   or " because you have an accent" the fact is=20
>that non-Swedes do not get jobs.
>										=09
>However if your skin is black and you want to go out to a club and=20
>have a beer or go dancing, you will be turned back at the door with=20
>"only members allowed". This means whites only...This white only=20
>policy has become fairly widespread in many areas of nightlife Sweden.=20
>So if your skin is black or brown you stay home or organise parties=20
>with your own kind.
>									=09
>Discrimination appears in all walks of life and levels of government.=20
>The percentage of non-Swede participation in leading positions in=20
>government is basically zero%. The same goes for government on the=20
>local level. Now really, how could anyone believe that the Swedes=20
>deserve a prize for equality from the United Nations. I mean for=20
>twenty percent of the population, we are a statistic: either=20
>unemployed, on welfare, or deported from Sweden.
>									=09
>Segregation in the living areas and schools in the large cities and=20
>even        large towns has become a serious problem, if not general=20
>praxis. There are areas        in Stockholm, Malm=F6 or Ume=E5, where=20
>most if not all Swedes have moved out. There are classes in school=20
>where there is not one Swede. In fact these areas are considered the=20
>Swedish ghettos with high unemployment, high welfare, high crime=20
>rates, and 98% non-Swede.
>				=09
>In fact this segregation is generally recognised both by the=20
>population in general and Swedish politicians. However nothing is=20
>being done that can      change the situation to the better. Instead,=20
>policies by the government, of cutting unemployment and welfare=20
>benefits are in general making economic and living conditions worse=20
>for people. This tends to increase the rate of segregation. What we=20
>are seeing here are the future Watts and Harlem's of Sweden! In fact=20
>the only thing lacking is the cry of "Burn Baby Burn" which perhaps=20
>will come in the next 5 or 10 years.
>								=09
>Internationally Sweden has been known as a "Social Welfare State"=20
>of the more progressive type. In 1972 when I first came to Sweden=20
>this claim was      perhaps true. However this is the 90ties and=20
>reality is in fact, of a fastly growing racist, discriminating=20
>and segregated society here.=20
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