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Sun Jun 30 05:18:39 MDT 1996

On the incident in Stockholm, Sweden, on 1 May referred to:

I so far only have little information on this, but that
which I do have goes in the direction that the
phoney"Marxist" people were the aggressors.

As one comrade has told me, there had assembled some 60
people in Stockholm who genuinely supported the people's
war in Peru and opposed the "peace" hoax and the
support of it by the "CoRIM" etc. Then the Avakian-"Quispe"
agent (and revealer of the partnership between those two)
Mr. T.P. plus some followers arrived on the scene and tried
*physically to butt in*, shouting in microphones etc. This,
I was told, was rebuffed.

Thus it was the friends of the Chris-cop who started the
whole thing, including the "thuggishness", and the
crocodile tears could have been saved if he (the Chris-cop)
had been better informed. But these croco tears hopefully
contribute towards teaching some people a little more about
how those thugs work, both on the streets and in the more
"bloodless" realms of cyberspace.

When I have more info on this, I'll tell you.
(I'll not delete any of the original posting, see below.)

Rolf M.

>...driving them away from the masses by ANY means necessary.
>Of course this has already been done in Europe, specially in Sweden where
>the phoeny MPP was driven from the masses by the strenght and fury of the
>proletarian militants on May 1st, 1996.  They had to go crying and licking
>their sores to the nearest Swedish police station.
>Does Adolfo really intend this to be as thuggish as it sounds?
>What image does Adolfo want to present?
>With apologies to Robert Malecki, this sounds like
>real social fascism to me.
>By the way, Adolfo, needless to say you are under no obligation to
>reply to any posts from me. Your problem however is whether anybody
>else may read them, which is inherently difficult to calculate.
>Quote from a post by Rolf, early May, subsequently quoted approvingly
>by Adolfo. This describes the content of the position of the
>MPP members in Sweden who deserved to be intimidated physically.
>They were giving out this pamphlet. (Leaflet?)
>Yet Rolf has confirmed elsewhere that there is indeed
>an outstanding PCP policy of compromising with Avakian, and
>he is critical of it.
>"The pamphlet i.a. states (in my translation): "Today there are some
>people who are accusing the RIM and/or the Committee of the RIM
>of being opportunist, but these accusations go against what was
>eatablished by documents and metings of the PCP. At present, it's
>Luis Arce Borja who is spearheading these sinister attacks against
>the RIM and he's doing this with articles in El Diario Internacional,
>on the Internet and mendacious letters which of course have been
>repudiated by the MPP and the great majority."
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