MPP's and Adolfo's negation of Proletarian Feminism

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In a message dated 96-06-28 23:20:13 EDT,Adolfo writes:

>There is no MPP USA or MPP EUROPE, both are figments of Quispe's

...And whose imagination are you a figment of, oh great one who sees
what is not in front of your face, and KNOWS what is thousands of
miles away??? (not to mention, what happened to these entities which
you yourself praised in your pamphlet of a few years ago, "Maoism
and the Two-Line Struggle in the RIM"?)

BTW, in a post titled "The Strange Case of Julian Calero" (6-29-96),
you say to Malecki:

> For
>your information, a "bourgeois feminist" (specially when put in
>inverted comas and referred to a suppossed male character like
>Burford) is meant to be equivalent to a "male chauvinist in
>Louis Project has already noted that your are rather "literally
>challenged", and not familiar with the use of inverted comas or
>any other kind of punctuation marks.  Gina, is just a poor Jesuit
>poring over things to see if she will find a straw. That she does
>not know the basics of Marxism's style in using punctuation
>marks, inverted commas and the rest of resources to make an
>ironic point, is nothing to be surprised about.

But this is the original reference, from 6-26-96, titled  "Adolfo's
sado-machismo AND BURFORD'S..."

>Yes:  Burford is the typically castrated individual produced by the
>bourgeois new left.  Everything to do with Marxism, and Marx, and Lenin
>always spoke of revisionist EMASCULATING Marxism, depriving it of its
>QUINTESSENCE, is for this slimy servant of the bourgeoisie "machismo".  And
>what then of his BOURGEOIS feminism?
>Is not that same kind of bourgeois feminism that relegates women to the role
>of adornments in the home?  Women as no fighters and tea makers?  Moreover,
>this very bourgeois feminism, applied to the whole of the women, is not the
>basis for the reactionaries objection and demonising of the women fighters
>in the People's Libertaion Army?  I will recommend people to read what the
>American Marxist feminist revolutionary Carol Andreas has to say about this
>reactionary line.
>What the poor desperate and disgusting windbag and eunuch Burford wants to
>say is precisely the same as the bourgeois feminist always said about Marx

...Hmmm....I count 4 times that the words *bourgeois feminism, or
feminist* are used in this post, and not once is the phrase put in
"inverted commas" (I presume what we here in Gringo-land call
quotation marks) or any other punctuation.

Methinks the great Adolfisimo is just ducking the issue of Proletarian
Feminism, which is the line of the PCP that he claims to uphold and
"defend".  I say once again,

I wonder, oh your greatness, why you don't recommend for people
to read the document from the PCP that deals with this issue:
El Marxismo, Mariátegui y el Movimiento Feminino (available in both
Spanish and English at ? This document,
>from 1976, draws from Mariátegui's writings on the woman question:

   "No one should be surprised that women do not join in
   a single feminist movement.  Feminism necessarily has
   various colors, diverse tendencies.  It is possible to
   distinguish in feminism three fundamental tendencies,
   three main colors: bourgeois feminism, petty-bourgeois
   feminism, and proletarian feminism.  Each of these
   feminisms formulate their demands in a different way.

   "The feminism of a bourgeois woman reflects the interests
   of the dominant classes.  The proletarian woman relates
   her feminism to the faith of the revolutionary masses in a
   future society. The historic fact of class struggle is not a
   mere theoretical speculation.  It is reflected clearly in the
   feminist issue.  Women, just as men, are reactionary, centrists,
   or revolutionaries.  They cannot, therefore, unite to fight the
   same battles.  In today's world, class condition differentiates
   the individuals more than gender."      ---Mariátegui

To which the great Adulfo can only rant:

> The poor Gina
>has a cow with no horns to look after. Hers' are nothing but they
>milkmaid's dreams!

Gina (the milkmaid) / Detroit

P.S. In your tendency to ignore or belittle women, are you next
going to refer to Comrade Norah as "Madame Gonzalo" the way you
refer to Chiang Ching (Jiang Xing) as simply "Madame Mao", as if
she were not a revolutionary leader in her own right? (not to mention
being completely Eurocentric in this matter of naming conventions)

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