But is it a fair cop, Rolf?

Chris, London 100423.2040 at compuserve.com
Sun Jun 30 08:32:12 MDT 1996

Dear Rolf,

I only skimmed your five part obsessional assembly of
evidence that I might be a cop, and then I am afraid I fell
asleep.  My own obsessionality must be getting in proportion.
How about yours?

First I must ask, do you consider that I am definitely a cop?
Do you hold it with unshakable belief? Do you accept you might
be wrong?

I have from time to time pointed out that this medium is prone
to paranoid reactions. But if you hold with unshakable belief that
I am a cop, then that is a delusion, you ought to talk with
someone about seeing a doctor professionally, as you may need some

Let us assume however you have spent many hours assembling
your document which virtually everyone will at best skim, if not
delete straight away, and you are convinced it is likely
that I am a cop.

I shan't waste time arguing with you whether
I am or not. I know what I am.

But moving on from there, do you accept that I have copped you
fairly? In the old English middle class detective stories,
the basically decent English criminal turns to the basically
decent English bobby, and says, "It's a fair cop, guv."

I have skimmed enough to see that your enormous 5 part
document does not change the essence of the politics of the
confrontation. I have taken down evidence from you, and used it
against you to show that you have been criticising and opposing
the last outstanding line of the PCP on the international
communist movement, that of compromising tactically with Avakian,
rather than starting a new Maoist International certainly at this

All your denunciations of Avakian as a police agent (presumably
like me) just confirm the picture.

And your championing of  the WMC, and it was your post that
first stirred up the contradictions between Olaechea and
Quispe to the point where they became publically antagonistic in
a most destructive manner, has been from the evidence of your
own keyboard, in order helpfully to change the line of the PCP,
which you oppose.

Furthermore you denigrate and slander the only recent source,
claiming to represent with some degree of authority, the current
position of the PCP, the interview with Sol Rojo and Quispe.

As you will well know from your criticisms of Lin Biao, one
of the cleverest manouvres to shift a Maoist political line
is to appear super-loyal. You are, like Olaechea, a super-Maoist.

I have, BTW, never claimed to be impartial. I entered this
l'st for my own understanding of the future relevance of marxism,
for which we will have profound differences and you will regard
me as a revisionist. Caveat lector. But where you have a grain of
truth is that this is a self-organising l'st, self-moderating
and self-policing. And I have taken down evidence from you
that your political line is that of a super-Maoist rather than
an ever so loyal supporter of the PCP.

Now is that a fair cop?

And will you come quietly?


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