But is it a fair cop, Rolf? IS it, Burford?

hariette spierings hariette at easynet.co.uk
Sun Jun 30 12:12:20 MDT 1996

>Dear Rolf,
>I only skimmed your five part obsessional assembly of=20
>evidence that I might be a cop, and then I am afraid I fell
>asleep.  My own obsessionality must be getting in proportion.
>How about yours?
>First I must ask, do you consider that I am definitely a cop?
>Do you hold it with unshakable belief? Do you accept you might
>be wrong?=20
>I have from time to time pointed out that this medium is prone
>to paranoid reactions. But if you hold with unshakable belief that
>I am a cop, then that is a delusion, you ought to talk with
>someone about seeing a doctor professionally, as you may need some
>Let us assume however you have spent many hours assembling
>your document which virtually everyone will at best skim, if not
>delete straight away, and you are convinced it is likely
>that I am a cop.=20
>I shan't waste time arguing with you whether=20
>I am or not. I know what I am.
>But moving on from there, do you accept that I have copped you=20
>fairly? In the old English middle class detective stories,=20
>the basically decent English criminal turns to the basically=20
>decent English bobby, and says, "It's a fair cop, guv."
>I have skimmed enough to see that your enormous 5 part
>document does not change the essence of the politics of the=20
>confrontation. I have taken down evidence from you, and used it
>against you to show that you have been criticising and opposing=20
>the last outstanding line of the PCP on the international=20
>communist movement, that of compromising tactically with Avakian,
>rather than starting a new Maoist International certainly at this
>All your denunciations of Avakian as a police agent (presumably
>like me) just confirm the picture.=20
>And your championing of  the WMC, and it was your post that
>first stirred up the contradictions between Olaechea and=20
>Quispe to the point where they became publically antagonistic in=20
>a most destructive manner, has been from the evidence of your
>own keyboard, in order helpfully to change the line of the PCP,=20
>which you oppose.
>Furthermore you denigrate and slander the only recent source,
>claiming to represent with some degree of authority, the current
>position of the PCP, the interview with Sol Rojo and Quispe.
>As you will well know from your criticisms of Lin Biao, one=20
>of the cleverest manouvres to shift a Maoist political line
>is to appear super-loyal. You are, like Olaechea, a super-Maoist.
>I have, BTW, never claimed to be impartial. I entered this
>l'st for my own understanding of the future relevance of marxism,
>for which we will have profound differences and you will regard
>me as a revisionist. Caveat lector. But where you have a grain of=20
>truth is that this is a self-organising l'st, self-moderating=20
>and self-policing. And I have taken down evidence from you
>that your political line is that of a super-Maoist rather than
>an ever so loyal supporter of the PCP.
>Now is that a fair cop?
>And will you come quietly?

Where does Burford think Rolf got the idea that he is a cop?  From thin air?

No- Burford, and in that Martens is right is nothing but an enemy of ALL
revolutionaries, but when amateurs prove so persistent, anyone must question
their motives.  His well known Englsig middle class arrogance is what he
seems to believe will protect him from people becoming convinced of his role
and dismissing Martens charges as neurotic raves. =20

But there is no question of the role of Burford.  That is clear and is a
cop's role. Even he recognises it.  He plays at sleuth.  Revolutionaries are
bound to ask, on whose behalf?  On behalf of "Quispe"?  Hardly, except
because BOTH of them want the "peace agreement" to suceed.=20

Burford claims he is not a cop: Ergo, Avakian is not a cop, Burford is not a
cop, Quispe, is not a cop.  But they are all advocating ENEMY of the
revolution schemes.  When that is the case, as with Herr Vogt, the question
that if it is the Secretary of Health or the Home Secretary who signs the
paycheck is totally academic. =20

There is one thing Burford SJ has not done - and here is the "dog that did
not bark" in Englishy detectives novels as far as I am concerned. =20

It is the most obvious thing anyone with a degree of honesty would have long
ago done before repeating the absurd charges of Quispe and backing up his
absurd allegations about "splits in Sol-Peru".   He lives in London, I live
in London. He could have approached me at the Stalin Society meeting back in
March if he was soooo curious.  He did not.  Alright, let that one pass.

He has only to call me at my house or phone (0181 740 4184) and drop over,
to see for himself.  There is my bank accounts. He can talk to the people
who work and help Sol Peru, and I may even direct him to go visit the couple
of musicians who defrauded Sol-Peru of =A32000 pounds - not out of greed but
of stupidity (abuse of confidence, it is called) and that is why they were
separated a couple of years back.  =20

Only a real servant of the psychological war department of MI5 or MI6 would
now continue babling about things he is better placed to investigate
directly by himself. =20

So, if Rolf is wrong in coming to the conclussion that Chris Burford is a
cop just because Burford - the frivolous Englishman - has decided to play
sleuth since he is sooooo bored playing with his limp willie, what is wrong
with taking up my challenge and find out for himself?

After this, I will not take any more crap from this idiot, and if he keeps
doing what he is doing, then Rolf is absolutely right!

Fair revolutionary cop, Burford?

Would you now come quietly?

I can even re-imburse you the tube fare!

Adolfo Olaechea

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