But is it a fair cop, Rolf?

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Sun Jun 30 13:30:39 MDT 1996


You wrote, on 30.06, i.a.:

>Furthermore you denigrate and slander the only recent source,
>claiming to represent with some degree of authority, the current
>position of the PCP, the interview with Sol Rojo and Quispe.


>Now is that a fair cop?
>And will you come quietly?

Well, your now coming out quite openly (again)in defence
of this US imperialist agent bastard gang "Quispe" and
his allies rather well serves to confirm my point, doesn't
it? It's my hope that you'll continue to make yourself
somewhat useful, in your particular way, on this list
for some time to come. And why not try to camouflage
yourself a little better too? I'm certain that many people
need some training in "copper analysis".

That interview you mentioned really was a ridiculous piece,
so ridiculous in fact that comrade Adolfo wrote of it as
the latest play (or was it film) by that famed director
Ingemar "Quispe"lund, a rather fair review.

Speaking of fair, I do think I've copped you fair and square.

The more interesting question is of course: Will other people
on this list agree with my theory? I think that even quite
a number of them will, and some others will have it in mind
for checking when reading future postings from you.

But this isn't a subject on which a further discussion
between you and me is of all that great relevance, is it?

Rolf M.

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