1/5 Why do I think Chris is a cop?

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Sun Jun 30 15:31:15 MDT 1996

Hello, Rakesh,

You wrote, on 30.06,:

>Has anyone read Herr Vogt? Does Martens just think he has penned Mssr.
>Burford? Chris, you are right: Marten's file was deleted immediately and
>without remorse.
>By the way, could someone tell me how to construct a kill file? ASAP.

Why do you have to make this (even small) fuss about it,
if you don't think I might be right? I suggest an embryo of
suspicion is forming in your - to me unknown - brain.

NB! If you should ever regret that quick deleting, I'll
be ready to post you the kilobytes of my argumentation at
any time.

Why are killfiles so important, when you have that delete
key? Have you recognized that there's a small contradiction
in your thinking?

Rolf M.

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