But is it a fair cop, Rolf?

Stephen E Philion philion at hawaii.edu
Sun Jun 30 16:17:53 MDT 1996

On Sun, 30 Jun 1996, Chris, London wrote:
> I have from time to time pointed out that this medium is prone
> to paranoid reactions. But if you hold with unshakable belief that
> I am a cop, then that is a delusion, you ought to talk with
> someone about seeing a doctor professionally, as you may need some
> medication.
> Let us assume however you have spent many hours assembling
> your document which virtually everyone will at best skim, if not
> delete straight away, and you are convinced it is likely
> that I am a cop.

***I opted for the latter choice and propose that even skimming silly
posts would compel one to *immediately* seek a docotor and medication.


> Chris
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