The mysteries of Hall-Burford, the SERIES 9000 Computer!

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Re: The mysteries of Hall-Burford, the SERIES 9000 Computer!

I am sure most people here remember Kubrick's movie 2001, A Space Odysee?

Remeber the scene when the Hal 9000 computer is outwitted by the spaceman
and he proceeds to begin her diconnection?  "You are not been yourself
Dave......Take a stress pill, Dave"...."Are you sure you want to do this
Dave"........ etc. Burford apparently saw the movie too, but he is missed
the point about the human spirit overcoming the gizmos of science, or read
the story upside down, just like his "Marxism".

Here goes the spastic letany of the Hall-Burford 9000 British Home Office

>Adolfo, do you have any idea what you are doing on this l'st?
>You give every appearance of blowing whatever purpose you may
>have had in first coming here.
>Sexist sneering at "a little milkmaid"
>will lose you credibility among the few who might
>reluctantly have given you the benefit of the doubt.
>As for you giving me your phone number with an invitation
>to stop playing with my limp willie, and come round to your house,
>presumably to confront a real man, it is quite bizarre.
>You seem increasingly lost in what is to you the dungeon of
>some nightmarish gothic castle of the internet.
>Are you sure you want to be doing this?

You'll have only one way to find out, Hall-Burford, won't you?  You are not
coming quietly.

You can stuff your appeal to political correctnes, that is a trick you tried
before and it won't do now as a defense.  It just shows you are clutching at
straws.  The Milkmaid methaphor is quite liberally used by Chairman Gonzalo
himself to depict the "pipe dreams of reactionaries".

So, if you protest about this, protest to my teacher!  Gina will be in
trouble questioning that.  It is right there all over Gonzalo's works, just
like the imagery of "barren impotence" in referring to the bourgeois
intellectuals' attempts to EMASCULATE Marxism, is all over Marx, Engels and
Lenin, and Chairman Mao too.

Obviously, a "Mother Goose" like you are (another "awful female image", this
time my very own!) can cry to high heaven as much as he likes about
politically correct language, but the support of the really liberated
revolutionary women who know how to tell apart the substance and content of
those "condescending liberators" of their "oppression in words", the phoney
"lefts", "male chauvinist in drag" posing as "women liberators" from those
Marxists who are in the same trenches in their OWN CLASS STRUGGLE, are
already, and will always be, on the side of Marxism, this side of class

Moreover, just to show how Jesuitical you are even on this, everyone would
remember "Quispe" using the term "Godenas doll" in order to attack Charlotte
when she finally saw clearly through him.  Did you, the "impartial Briton
non-male chauvinist" had then anything to say about that?  Not a peep, you

Burford, You have been copped fair and square! You are now "resisting
arrest", therein, showing that you are nothing like a "good ole London
Eastend member of the criminal fraternity" dabbling in politics, willie or

No English Bobby identity for you either, then.  More likely, you are a
Pycho-Spook of the same calibre and role of your "professional colleague",
Dr. Segisfredo Luza, the psychiatrist Fujimori has put in charge of
psychological tortures against Chairman Gonzalo.

Are you sure you haven't got also a criminal record yourself? Something as
simple and endearing - in the old "Arsenic and Old Lace" style of the
English gentry - or maybe even more up-to-date activities like those of that
other English civil servant, Dennis Nilssen?  - because that is what you are
by your confession, either at Department or Health or in loan to the Home
Office, it does not matter, being a Civil Servant you have sworn an oath of
allegiance to the Queen and signed the Official Secrets Act.  Or maybe, if
you start going on about your "working class" credentials, something of the
sort of 25 Cromwell Road (Glos), or 10 Rilington Place? Who knows?

What may be there in your background equivalent to murdering someone and
hiding the body in pieces?.  That is what your colleague Dr. Luza (or agent
003 - in Fujimori's own parlance) actually did, and is in the historical
record too. He was amnestied due to his important contribution to
Intelligence work in the time of the dictator Velasco Alvarado. Are you
per-chance the new 007 on His Majesty's Fujimori I Service?  Fujimori
himself is supposed to be 001, Montesinos 002, Luza 003........  We
certainly would like to fill the vacant positions with faces!

Maybe there is actually something of the Luza sort in your own background.
Something you would definitely not like us, or anybody, to find out, and you
fear that once we come face to face with you, and identify you, we can get
your true connection with this charade all sorted out.  It is a FAIR
suppossition, too, isn't it?

By droning on with your set-pieces of psychological warfare, you are showing
for all to see that your only interest is to slander and disgress, while you
attempt your Cassandra woe-betide darkest Jehova voice to unnerve those who
have cornered you like a rat, and thus escape eating your porridge.

Me thinks the panic is now all yours. What are YOU afraid of?  It is your
country, your Home Secretary, your judicial system, your bourgeois laws,
your security services, your choice of underground lines, etc.  Any one with
a sincere interest, and no hidden agenda, would have jumped at the chance.

That is why, despite the lenght of Martens analysis, I tend to believe that
he has just got you fair and square this time, despite your protestations to
the contrary!

Now, in my eyes, and I am sure in those of more and more people, you are
just wriggling like an eel!  And I do hate eels, especially English jellied

Adolfo Olaechea

PS: Should you continue with your absurdities, I will too device a mantra
for you to chant while you stand outside the Fujimori embassy with your
Amnesty International Candle, and that will be all!

My phone is on the table.  Anyone who wants to talk to me is welcomed to
call if he or she has any questions. Have some courage yourself and pick it
up. What is so terrifying about it?

You have this offer for 24 hours open to you starting from now. The only
thing you need do, is bring your passport and driver's licence as ID. I will
also NOW request the right information about your home and place of work
that we can verify.  I am giving you total and un-restricted access to my
affairs, telephone and even bank accounts, and therefore is ONLY A FAIR COP
that you do the same!

The point is that I want to see YOUR face, not that of some-other-buggins at
Foggy End pretending to be "Chris Burford". You know the Left in Britain is
indeed a small place and everything is eventually found out!  I have nothing
to fear.  Do you?  That is the question which will answer Martens FAIR AND
SQUARE questioning of your role and true interest in this affair!


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