But is it a fair cop, Rolf? IS it, Burford?

hariette spierings hariette at easynet.co.uk
Sun Jun 30 16:35:44 MDT 1996

>Adolfo writes:
>>When that is the case, as with Herr Vogt, the question
>>that if it is the Secretary of Health or the Home Secretary who signs the
>>paycheck is totally academic.
>Now Herr Vogt was a real, live genuine police spy in the pay of Louis
>Bonaparte, the Little.
>Marx wrote a brilliant polemic against him, proving this and clearing up
>the mess of lies and intrigue that Vogt had created. At the same time, he
>provided a first-class analysis of the diplomatic state of Europe at the
>Will Adolfo treat us to a similar thick tome on Chris's machinations?
Cheerful Hugh:  The Herr Vogt I am referring too is "Quispe" not the Home
Office like echo Burford.  You want a tome?  There is already one ten times
the lenght of Marx's about Vogt awaiting you in the records of this list!

I already told you, you brag toooo much, especially about your nose to
identify "class traitors".  Also the Rose you promise the working class,
seems and looks everyday closest to a "Roach".  Marx said "Hic Rosa hic
salta", certainly not "Hic ROCHA, hic, hic, hic, malecki"!


PS: Keep cheerful!

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