The list: What is to be done?

Louis R Godena louisgodena at
Sun Jun 30 20:00:00 MDT 1996

Jon Flanders writes (in a fit of well-earned exasperation):

> Right, Bob, I am organizing 8 burly railroad workers to come and get you! I
>will beam them through the Internet into and out of your monitor with the
>latest program just out of the Teamster's HQ designed for squelching
>dissidents using email. They are heavily armed with brake shoe bars and take
>no prisoners.

Dear Brother Flanders;
                                        May I instead suggest a trade of
some sort, say Malecki in New York and "Qusipe" in Sweden.   Switching the
ports of call for these two spongers may not do much for international
relations, but it would reverse immediately the deteriorating ambience of
the Marxism list.

                                        Think about it.    "'Quispe' in
exile" and "Marcellina" (Malecki in drag?) home at last in Queens--the
official cockroach capital of all creation!

                   Louis Godena

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