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Wed May 1 08:50:40 MDT 1996

Chairman-in-Exile? Bob Malecki writes:



>Basically what Jim Miller writes is correct in his polemic against Louis.
>There are a couple of points however i would like to take up.

Well now, that's kind of you.

>And another point is the leadership question.

The "leadership question" as posed by the trotskyists is one of the
biggest red herrings ever tossed before the workers' movement.
Endless hair-splitting, hand-wringing, and teeth-gnashing about
the "lack of leadership" go hand in hand w/ self-congratulations
and smug assurance that "we" (i.e. Messrs. the trotskyists) have
solved the problem -- and off you merrily go to the workers, eager
to tell them that "well, here we are, your leaders!"

The fact that this plea has always and will always fall on deaf ears,
and that the "vanguard of the vanguard" idiocy has resulted in
endless and absurd sectarian squabbles combined w/ disturbingly
frequent support on the part of trotskyist "leaders" for overt or
covert *counter-revolution* would, one thinks, be enough to bury
it once and for all.  But I guess as long as capitalism has use for
its lackey "vanguard", you'll continue to pose the "leadership
question" at every opportunity.

You would do well to study how your "question" is solved in practice
by an actual revolution in the making.  Application of the mass line,
criticism and self-criticism, combination of practical and theoretical
work, development of new cadres from the bases, respect on the
part of the bases for the leadership together w/ humility of the lead-
ership before the bases: these characterize the practice of the PCP,
currently the most successful revolutionary current in the world.

>If i were leading a party in lets say Peru.

Good lord!  Someone get the defibrillator, I think I'm having a heart

Then again, I guess it's important for a trotskyist to have a rich
fantasy life, since only in the cotton-candy worlds spun by your
imagination can you reconcile your presumably sincere subjective
revolutionism w/ the bankruptcy, impotence and objectively
counter-revolutionary character of your politics.

>I would not be making any deals with the liberal wing of the bourgeoisie
>against imperialism.

True.  You'd more likely be blocking w/ the most reactionary wing of the
bourgeoisie against the "Stalinist terrorists of Sendero".

>I would turn to the workers in the imperialist countries
>and say. Help us in making our revolution!

Uh, the magic word is "Please."

-- Matt D.

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