Two lists? So what? Or malecki want to "liberate" marxism2

hariette spierings hariette at
Wed May 1 10:36:56 MDT 1996

>Because if the M2 is prepared to hang people because they have set up a
>certain set of rules which only the ivory tower with the elegant baroness
>von Lisa standing as el supremo, and people on the list sit quitely and
>accept this makes you just as wrong as the instigators of this secret purge.
>malecki from exile
>That goes for the rest of you people on this list aso..

Mr. Malecki goes from bad to worse.  What is wrong with a pond for the poor
ducks?  Malecki is dying to organise a crusade to "liberate" marxism2.  He
is not happy with freedom for himself, he wants to impose it upon those who
do not want it.  Very much on the spirit of the inveterate anarchist.

It is better that those people who can stand the heat come back to the
kitchen of their own accord, as they are already doing it, than to start up
a "social-imperialist" war a la Malecki.

Adolfo Olaechea

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