"Law Day" 1996

Louis R. Godena godenas at mail.edgenet.net
Wed May 1 12:03:23 MDT 1996

Reading Cmrde Oleachea's posting on the "Law Day" proclamations, I was
suddenly reminded of Engels letter to Sorge (29 November 1886):

   "The Anericans are worlds behind in all theoretical questions;
    and though they did not bring over any medieval institutions
    from Europe, they did bring over masses of medieval traditions,
    religion, English common (feudal) law, superstition, spiritual-
    ism--in short, every kind of imbecility which was not directly
    harmful to business and which is now very serviceable for
    stupefying the masses."

Anyone familiar with the workings of CNN (aka New World Order Disinformation
Service) can attest to the facility with which current "imbecilities" for
"stupefying the masses" are employed.

And we are to "vote" for these people in November?

                                       Louis Godena

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