Two lists? So what? Or malecki want to "liberate" marxism2

Robert Malecki malecki at
Wed May 1 13:56:40 MDT 1996

>>Gee, I don't know if AO has changed his tune, or I've become a different
>>person, but even though I'd never have phrased it in quite this way, he's
>>exactly right. M2 is turned out to be a rather tedious place.
>I thank Adolfo & Co. for two things: 1) getting rid of the
>sanctimonious-whiner social democrats like Levy and 2) forcing the issue so
>that I finally investigated the Peruvian revolution.

The clown says that we got rid of them. In fact they tried to get rid of the
maoists and failed because two people on this list defended proletarian
democracy against the ivory tower. No it is not good that they run and hide.
They should be exposed for what they are. In this case Ken says Social
Democrats. Set the base against the top and destroy their influence in the
workers movement. Social democrats are traitors since 1914!

malecki in exile

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