M2,Aldolfo and Maoist menshevism!

Knaife at aol.com Knaife at aol.com
Wed May 1 20:39:22 MDT 1996

Bob, I'm curious.  Who says that "marxism 2 is open to all" ?  The info sheet
says it is "closed and moderated".  In other words, it is open to all that
*don't mind the policies.*

I kind of like the variety.  A little of this, a little of that, various
topics and different speakers in different places.

Two lists?  Big deal.  Hardly a matter of life and death, Bob.  I think we've
got bigger fish to fry than that.

If you actually _wanted_ to be on M2 you could probably do it, but you'd have
to say that you are willing to accept list policy.  Same for Boddhisatva.
 Just look at the info sheet or ask Lisa, I mean Liz the Ripper.


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